Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beretta Nano vs. Ruger LC9 vs. Walther PPS :: Photo Comparison

Here's a quick 'Photo Comparison' between the Beretta Nano, Ruger LC9, and Walther PPS.

Top: Beretta Nano // Middle: Ruger LC9 // Bottom: Walther PPS

Top: Beretta Nano // Middle: Ruger LC9 // Bottom: Walther PPS

Left: Walther PPS // Middle: Ruger LC9 // Right: Beretta Nano

Left: Beretta Nano // Middle: Ruger LC9 // Right: Walther PPS

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  1. I like the grip and feel of the Walther best.

  2. I wanted a LC9 but was hesitant because of the safeties, loaded chamber indicator that is way too large. I bid pick a lc9 up because I got a deal I could not pass up. I now like the LC9 almost as much as my LCP. I infact like it more than my CM9, just fits my hand better. I never use pinky extensions on any guns, it makes no sense to buy a small frame gun, than add height to the grip (the hardest part to conceal) I don't mind a two finger grip on a small gun, that is what makes the gun easy to conceal.

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