Tuesday, November 8, 2011

RTB.net One Year Anniversary November 8, 2011 :: Origins

If you would have told me a little over a year ago that I would be running a successful firearms related website; I would have laughed at you, walked away and thought about how cool that would be. Well that is the current reality and to be honest there is more work that goes into this than you would think.

RTB.net Origins
Early readers of RTB probably caught on pretty quick that I had started the site while deployed in Iraq. Why start a firearms related website while in Iraq? Well I was considered the firearms subject matter expert of my unit and ended up fielding a lot of questions regarding this subject. Everything from AR's to bird guns. In an attempt to avoid repeating myself twenty different times I figured I needed to develop a system to effectively communicate and have all their questions answered. At first I thought about a simple email newsletter answering several questions I had received that week. Then I realized that everyone had a Facebook account so a simple 'Group' would suffice. Ultimately I decided on a Blog. RTB quickly filled the downtime that comes with all military deployments. I still feel that RTB kept me sane and kept me connected with the 'real world'.

November 8, 2010 I paid Google $10 for the RomeoTangoBravo.net domain name. I was sitting in a plywood shack with bird and mouse $hit covering the floor and walls with about 20 computers on their last leg. That is where this site was born.

As for the name: Romeo Tango Bravo, it's obviously the phonetic of RTB; which is an acronym for 'Return To Base'. While in the Army I was a 12B (Combat Engineer) and as such we get tasked with driving up and down roads at the pace of a brisk bike ride looking for bad people doing bad things; in the middle of the night... a.k.a. Route Clearance. While conducting these 'courtesy patrols' we would encounter IED's that tend to do quite a bit of damage from time to time. While other platoons would 'Return To Base' after such an incident; the platoon I was in prided ourselves on being able to successfully clear a route even after taking battle damage. But sometimes the bad guys get lucky and are able to induce enough damage to send us back to base for the rest of the night. This is what had happened a few days before I started RTB.net. I know RomeoTangoBravo.net isn't that catchy or very memorable, but that is what was on my mind that night.

Since I have arrived home I've been able to put more time into RTB and develop what quickly morphed into a part-time job that competes with my real full-time job and family. It has allowed me opportunities to not only bring people news about the industry, but be apart of it in some ways. Everyday is a welcomed adventure.

I had started RTB as a hobby but it is quickly becoming a business. I have a handful of really neat product reviews coming down the pipe. A few are several months out, but others are much closer.

I would like to thank all of the faithful readers of RTB and everyone who deems my work worth sharing. RTB.net has grown bigger than I could have ever expected and continues to grow!

Here's to the future and all of the fantastic unknowns!


  1. Congrats. Keep up the great work, I love reading what you post here.

  2. Thanks for the site. Can't wait to see what's coming up. And maybe from time to time you can give us EOD guys a shout-out:)

  3. Congratulations on a year's worth of outstanding blogging :).


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