Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SORD Hoodie + Kangaroo Pouch

I've told countless people and it's still a firmly held belief of mine that a good mid-weight hoodie is indispensable in a number of situations. The hood alone offers warmth, protection, and concealment in several environments. Not to mention that there is often ample pocket room built-in to hold all sorts of gadgets. 

The new Hoodie by SORD has taken several of these concepts to a new level. The hood can be worn or not but then stored in one of two fashions. Either relaxing in the back like a standard hoodie or rolled and tucked to present a more professional looking 'collar'. SORD has also built-in even more storage space. In addition to your standard front pockets you now have a 'kangaroo pouch' located on your chest and fastened with a zipper. This can be utilized to store any number of things; from a map to a badge or whatever else your heart desires. Improving upon the original design they have added zippers at the 6 and 9 o'clock to improve access to any hip mounted accessories you may want to carry.

Head on over to PredatorARMAMENT for all the details and pricing! 

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