Saturday, November 12, 2011

Walther PPQ vs. H&K P30 :: Photo Comparison

I just figured out what the Walther PPQ reminded of! The H&K P30:

Top: Walther PPQ // Bottom: H&K P30

Top: Walther PPQ // Bottom: H&K P30

Left: H&K P30 // Right: Walther PPQ
I don't know enough about either of these pistols to write an intelligent 'First Impresions' post, but a photo comparison is still enlightening.

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  1. Actually, the P30 copied the Walther P99.

  2. Neither design is original. The PPQ evolved from the P99 while the P30 came from changes made to the USP & P2000 series.

  3. Yeah, well, Sig copied Browning... ;P

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