Monday, December 5, 2011

SIG M400 Hits the Shelves!

In the ocean of AR Platform Rifles the SIG M400 seems like an unfinished design that was ripped off the drawing board and thrown into production.

The M400 has a few innovative features and many tried and true ones, but when I start to get excited about it I am disappointed. What I'm talking about is SIG integrated an ambidextrous magazine release into the lower receiver, which looks great and seems functional, but did nothing else to make it a true ambidextrous gun.

When I saw the ambi-mag release I immediately searched for an ambi-bolt lock/release... but there was none. Ok, well at least they made the simplest ambi convers..... WTF! They didn't even put an ambi-safety selector on the gun! What appears to be built from the ground up as an ambi is not at all. Of course you could always add after-market parts to achieve this, but then why did SIG waste their time on that neat magazine release and not ambi-fy the rest of the controls? I don't know either.


The markings on the receiver are block letters which look great. SIG also added a spring and plunger system to add pressure on the rear 'pin lug' to achieve a tight lock-up between the lower and upper. The QD-Sockets integrated into the receiver is a nice touch too.

What do you think?

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  1. Sad that they didn't make it truly ambidextrous. As someone that shoots lefty, I'd have liked to have seen them go the whole way and do it right. Then again, on my AR, I just have an ambidextrous safety selector... don't have an ambidextrous bolt lock/release or ambidextrous mag release.

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