Friday, December 23, 2011

SilencerCo Announces 556 Saker!

I've been lusting after a SilencerCo 22Sparrow for a while and I am now a step closer to having one. I will have my very own NFA Trust soon and will have access to some fun stuff! Well, I had it all planned out... I knew what .22LR, 5.56mm, and 7.62mm suppressor I was going to get, but now SilencerCo has thrown a wrench into my whole operation. With the announcement of the 556 Saker I may have to reevaluate my decisions.

A Teaser via Email from SilencerCo
SilencerCo says they will reveal their new silencer at SHOT SHOW 2012 (a short 24 days from this writing) and promise a real show stopper:
Introducing you to the most innovative .556 suppressor this industry has ever seen.
Silencerco has done it again. Introducing the 556 Saker, Silencerco will have feature sets that are unavailable and unmatched from anyone in the industry. Pushing the envelope, thinking outside the box and all the other cliches does not describe it. Get ready for Superior Silence.

SilencerCo, you can expect some of my hard-earned American Dollars to head your way in the New Year.

**-=UPDATE=-** Introducing the Silencerco 556SAKER **-=UPDATE=-**

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