Sunday, December 23, 2012

AR500 Omega Armor Plate Carrier from Beez Combat Systems

 Having the ability to don body armor can be advantageous for a professional, training or home defense scenario. Have a set of body armor is typically a luxury for many people due to the cost associated with ceramic plates. Well there is a cost effective alternative out there.

The Target Man has developed the AR500 Omega Armor Trauma Plates to fill a low cost but effective niche. The plates are made of steel and have a Rhino Liner coating which weigh in at about 7lbs. a piece. With dimensions of 10"x12" at 1/2" thick they meet NIJ 06 Level III standards but have not yet been certified. At only $150 a set this makes armor attainable for even the most cash strapped amongst us. But having the armor is just one half of the equation; you need to be able to wear them.

Beez Combat Systems has developed a special plate carrier to accommodate the Steel AR500 Omega Armor Trauma Plates. Using a bottom load design with padded shoulder straps and 2" webbing and hardware on the waist straps; their new PC will offer a low profile and molle variant. Knowing how the guys at BCS roll I'm sure several other variations on color/setup are in the works. The new plate carrier will be available soon.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Engraved Mosin Nagant

An interesting rifle walked in today. Actually the rifle was a common Mosin Nagant; it was the fact the rifle had been engraved that made it interesting. The owner didn't know much more than it was their Grandfather's who brought it back from Africa. He claimed the diamond inlay was Ivory, but I had no way to verify that. The rifle had an additional two position safety installed which appeared to be functional. Sorry in advance for the cell phone pics.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bob Costas and a View of Rights

I don't intend to be long winded because this horse is beginning to smell pretty bad, but I thought I'd share my concerns with you nice folks.

Bob Costas offered his opinion on a topic that many have said he has no reason to comment on and offered it at a bad time. Because of his actions legions have risen up against Mr. Costas demanding he lose his job. These actions give me a bit of concern and should give you pause as well.

Our Bill of Rights is an amazing document that men toiled over for years. Each Amendment is there for a reason. Far too often people will put all their passion behind one amendment and disregard the others. This is just short of picking and choosing which are important or not. Mr. Costas chose to exercise his First Amendment Right during a poorly chosen time and place but can say whatever he pleases. You have a right not to like his words but the calling for his 'elimination' is treading near a slippery slope. Just because he has a right to say what he pleases; that doesn't mean you have to listen or give him any regard. He will have to answer for what he said to his bosses. If they choose to fire him that is their choice but why must everyone loose their livelihood just because they disagree with what you believe? I know many of you will find counter points to my words and I encourage it. Another point we must remember is that all of these are rights we reserve from Government Infringement; which is something that many either don't know or choose to forget.

The Second Amendment has many passionate people behind it; myself included. I whole heartily disagree with anyone who attempts to disregard or downplay the validity of the 2nd.  At the same time we must also bring to light the other Amendments within the Bill of Rights and ask if they disagree with any others as vehemently has they do the 2nd. I would venture most could not paraphrase more than four of the Amendments, but proceeding down the Bill of Rights is illuminating.

Have you ever wondered why so many are quick to dispose of the 2nd Amendment don't also encourage the erasing of the 3rd? By not standing against the 3rd they must believe that Soldiers would confiscate their homes at will if it were ever abolished. Incidentally the 2nd is exactly what would impede that action if quarter were forced.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Putting your best Photo forward

Petersen's Rifle Shooter; a member of the Guns & Ammo Network, recently ran a review of the Colt LE901-16s. I was eager to read the author's take on the 5.56/7.62 rifle but was instantly disheartened by the reviews lead photograph.

Lead photo on 'Switcheroo: Colt LE901-16S Review' :(
It shows the Colt LE901-16s (in its 7.62 configuration) with a Leupold optic mounted backwards.

This is not the first or the last goof but something that is easily avoidable by the keen eye. One of the most famous instances was the cover of the HK Catalog which had rounds loaded backwards in a magazine.

This is an important example of first impressions. The written part of the review is quite good :)

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Monday, November 26, 2012

How Ammunition Reacts to Fire and Other Tests

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufactures Institute (S.A.A.M.I.) has released a video about the effect of ammunition in a fire and it's relation to the Firefighter. It also shows how resilient ammunition can be during drop and crush tests. I have heard several people say that if your house is on fire and the department knows you have a large amount of ammunition (or any) they will "let the house burn" due to the safety of their firefighters. I don't know how true that is but the video below shows there is no significant risk from ammunition in a fire.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What's Old is New Again :: WWII Browning BAR Forward Vertical Grip

Every once in awhile we get a glimpse of a "modern" technique being used decades before it's supposed invention.

The use of a vertical forward grip has been considered a modern addition to a rifle but evidence of the items use keep popping up in documentary footage. Vuurwapen Blog has a freeze frame of a Marine on Iwo Jima with a vertical grip on a Thompson.

Recently while watching documentaries (one of my favorite past times) I saw a WWII era Service Member (Soldier or Marine? I'm not great with period uniforms I'm leaning Marine) using what appeared to be a vertical forward grip on a Browning BAR.

This image is from 'The Color of War' Episode 4 'Victory' about five minutes in. You can find the documentary on NetFlix. Perhaps the use of such items aren't modern; just more popular.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Diamondback Firearms DB-15 Hits the Shelves!

 I was glancing through a recent shipment of firearms and noticed a rifle sized box with Diamondback Firearms' Logo on it. This caught me off guard because I was only aware of DB manufacturing pistols. I pulled the box from the rest and opened it to see an AR-15 rifle colored in what most would consider Tan or Flat Dark Earth. I immediately navigated to DB's Website to find some details on the rifle but found their description extremely lacking (as in there were no details). Widening my search I found Guns Gear and Holsters had run an article about rumors of this AR with a street price around $900. It appears that the rifle is completely manufactured in house at DB.

Details I've been able to drudge up:
Diamondback DB-15 FDE 5.56mm
Barrel: 16" Chrome Moly 4140 M4 Contour 1:9
Rail: DB Modular Rail
Furniture: Tapco Butt-stock and Pistol Grip
Receivers: Forged 7075 T6 Aluminium
UPC: 815875011712

I only had a few minutes of contact with this rifle so didn't even have a chance to disassemble or inspect further.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

SHOT Show 2013 Predictions

SHOT Show 2013 is just around the corner (January 15-18 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center Las Vegas, NV) and folks are already prepared for the event. I will not be attending this year due to school but I will be creating another SHOT Show Coverage Collection Point just like I did last year.
My predictions from last year weren't as accurate as I would've liked but 2013 is another year. So here they are:
  1. Benelli will introduce barreled actions in different gauges for their modular Vinci platform to included magazine tubes
  2. Crimson Trace will expand their LightGuard line of products to fit the Beretta 92/96/M9 series of pistols
  3. The introduction of several new pistol caliber carbines
  4. Savage Arms will bring a modular chassis system for their rifles to market
What are your predictions?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The San Benito Police have Special Rifles and Ammunition that you just can't handle...

It appears those evil gun dealers have taken a break from supplying Mexican Drug Lords to help out the San Benito PD by taking in on trade some of their old shotguns and pistols for a few Bushmaster AR-15's.

Investigator Rogelio Banda from the San Benito Police Department shows off his department's new toys to the local media. The reporter in the video informs us that the officers will receive a whole eight hours of training (extensive I'm sure) before they are able to take the rifles on patrol. The following quote from Investigator Banda is the best by far:
"The particular bullets; assault, you know from a, from a assault rifle they're more powerful, they travel faster, they, and you can hit targets up to 300 yards you know they're very accurate."

There has to be at least one gunnie in that department banging his head against a table. We are also given a lesson on how these particular magic bullets will be more effective. Correct me if I'm wrong (which is often) but why is this department loading their magazines with, what appears to be, Winchester Ballistic SilverTips; when Winchester has a offers a much more suitable load in their PDX1 line of ammunition? It can be argued that at the end of the day ammo is ammo but the black bullet and nickle case sure are sexy.


H/T: TheGunWire

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Tavor (TAR-21) coming to the U.S.... Still

The Bullpup Forum recently hosted 'Bullpup Shoot 2012' at the Rockcastle Shooting Center and apparently the IWI Tavor (TAR-21) stole the show. Jerking the Trigger has some great coverage of the shoot and the Military Arms Channel has a close up with the Tavor.

I first sat-up and took notice when the Bullpup forum posted a video from SHOT Show 2012 'unofficially' announcing to the masses the intent of IWI to finally introduce the Tavor to the U.S. I've never really given bullpups much attention because I run long guns left handed, but with the capability to switch the Tavor to left hand with a few different parts... they have my attention.

According to the video from SHOT they were hoping for a release by September/October 2012 "just before the election". Obviously that won't be happening and a new updated timeline puts availability at May 2013 with a $1900 MSRP.

I have no need for another semi-auto 5.56mm platform but the Tavor looks pretty damn sweet. Let's just hope it shows up to the party and performs as advertised.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Zombie Packages... NOOOOOOO!!1!!

It's no secret to regular readers that I work in a 'big box' firearms store. It has its ups and downs but anytime I can fit a person to a firearm it's a good day. Before I get too far off subject; let's get to the heart of the matter. The 'big box' format comes corporate folks. I have nothing against them but more often than not they make my head hurt. For example our District Manager and Vice President came into the store and were all giddy about a recent meeting they had down south where they saw some "new and exciting" things.

Photo via Cheaper Than Dirt
"Do you have any Zombie Packages set-up?"
My sole died a little when they asked me this. They informed me that 'Zombie Packages' were selling like crazy and that this "New Trend" was going to reach me any day. I told them that their new and exciting trend was over five years old and was most likely on its way out. They looked at me like I was crazy and asked if I had any Zombie Targets. I think that is what bugs me the most about corporate folks; they like to think they have their finger on the pulse... you get the point. (insert witty comment about a zombie's lack of pulse)

Don't miss understand me; I enjoy a tacti-cool rifle as much as the next gunnie but I don't think we need to embrace Zombie Everything. I think it's great that it has helped get some new folks into shooting but I believe those folks would have found their way to our ranks in one way or another.
Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC SD
If Zombies are one their way out; what's the next 'big thing'?
Eric at GunmartBlog agrees with Cheaper Than Dirt's opinion that zombies are dead... *ugh* (they write themselves) you know what I mean. He has proposed that Suppressors are the next wave and I can't say that I totally disagree. I have an NFA Trust and plans to own a couple cans (as soon as I save up enough pennies) but I don't think suppressors are it. To be honest I have nothing to offer up as I haven't seen anything really exciting in the industry as of late. Our community is ever changing and because of that the next big thing may not have hit the market yet or maybe it's already here and we just don't know.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beez Combat Systems Padded Hydration Harness

BCS Padded Hydration Harness :: Photo Courtesy of BCS
 We have designed a lightly padded harness for our chest rigs. The one piece harness is available for the entire Beez Combat System's chest rig line. It will work with our AK47, AK74, Recon, 762 and Combloc chest rigs. We encouraged our designers to find a simple solution to add comfort, function, stability, and enhance performance to our chest rigs. The padded harness is the ultimate upgrade for you BCS chest rig.

Padded Harness design consideration:
1-Optimal size and shape.
2-Amount of molle/modular pals webbing.
3- Velcro loop for ID patches.
4-Drag handle shape and placement.
5-Routing webbing Hydration/Coms.
6-Hardware interchangeability

The padded harness provides additional comfort while providing a platform to mount a hydration carrier. With three rows by six columns of molle there is plenty of molle to mount the largest hydration carriers on the market. If you are not running a hydration carrier you can mount other pouches.

With the additional weight of a hydration carrier and water a drag handle/carrying handle was a must. We wanted to keep the drag handle as low profile as possible. The drag handle is made with 1.5” webbing to keep the signature low while extending across the back of the padded harness for easy access.
If you are running ID patches there is 2” of velcro loop that go the length of the molle webbing. Plenty of velcro to add other patches as well.

The shoulders are 2.5” wide and have two pieces of webbing on each side for the routing of a hydration tube or coms. The two pieces of webbing provide plenty of routing options while keeping the padded harness low profile.
The padded harness is available in Multicam, A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, Coyote, Khaki, Ranger Green, OD, Woodland and Black.

Don't forget to check out their padded X and H harness. I might have to get one for my BCS Recon/LE Chest Rig. You can check out my full review here.
BCS Padded X-Harness


BCS Padded H-Harness

Friday, September 7, 2012

Browning "New" A5 Hits the Shelves!

After being teased at SHOT Show 2012 with this new shotgun I nearly forgot about its existence until it finally hit the shelves.

Once I had assembled the A5 I noticed two things very quickly. First, it was very light weight coming in at 7 lbs. 5 oz. The other thing was that it felt cheap. Not in the sense that weight means quality but the bolt catch seemed flimsy and the hex bolts displayed prominently on the left side of the receiver kills the aesthetics. I have not had a chance to fire the "New" Browning A5 but it certainly points well.

If I was in the market for a new recoil operated 3" 12ga with wood furniture I think I would be more attracted to a Benelli M2 Feild. At $100 cheaper (MSRP) I think the M2 is a better buy than the "New" A5. IMHO


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shooting Positions in the Field :: NSSF Ryan Cleckner

I have only shot from a few positions while hunting. While sitting in a tree stand, sitting in the snow with a bipod, knelling in a corn field and standing during a drive. I've had varying degrees of success with each position which is why it's important to practice them.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What do the Numbers mean on a Magnified Optic?

The numbers we see on a magnified optic; whether it is variable or fixed, are the specifications of magnification and size of the objective lens. For example:


With the numbers listed above we know that the optic is a variable power scope that offers a three times normal magnification at its lowest setting and nine times normal magnification at its highest setting but can also be viewed anywhere in between.
The 'forty' at the end is giving the measurement of the diameter of the objective lens in millimeters (mm). This holds true with any set of numbers:


When you have a fixed power optic you will only be able to view a single magnification. The numbers will give you the magnification first followed by the diameter of the objective lens (like above on variable optics) for example:


Now when you are optic shopping you will be able to understand what that jumble of numbers and letters mean and make an informed decision

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Monday, August 13, 2012

.38 Special Ammunition Recoil Comparison :: Ruger LCR and S&W 637

When you begin carrying a firearm one of the most important decisions you will have to make is what type of defensive ammunition to use. There are many factors that come into play during this decision; manufacture, consistency, reliability, performance, cost and type are a few qualifiers. One aspect often over looked is controllability. Whenever we press the trigger and fire a round there will be recoil. There are actions we can take to mitigate this recoil including grip and stance but also includes your choice of ammunition.

The Guns
I wanted to see what kind of recoil was developed from a couple popular carry revolvers chambered in .38 Special. The Ruger LCR and Smith & Wesson 637 are both staples in the world of concealed carry. How would they perform firing some of the most popular defensive loads?

The Ammunition
I gathered five loads that were locally available. sent me a sixth load, MAGTECH First Defense; that was not available to me locally. The ammunition I fired was:
  1. Blazer Brass 125gr. .38 Special FMJ (Control)
  2. Winchester PDX1 130gr. .38 Special +P BJHP
  3. Remington HD 125gr. .38 Special +P BJHP
  4. MAGTECH First Defense 95gr. .38 Special +P SCHP
  5. Federal Hydra-Shok 129gr. .38 Special +P JHP
  6. Hornady Critical Defense 110gr. .38 Special FTX
The Test
I drew 1/2 Inch grid squares on a poster board to help find the exact point of muzzle rise after a shot was fired. I setup two tripods; one with a camera and the other functioned as a rest to ensure the pistol was placed in the same position after each shot. I fired the ammunition, in the order above, in hopes of being able to discern a difference in recoil once I slowed down the footage.

While firing I was not immediately able to descern a difference from load to load but the camera saw a difference.

The Results
Each load had a comparable amount of recoil in each revolver. The biggest surprise for me was that one load displayed a lower recoil than all of the others. It happened to be the MAGTECH First Defense load that sent me.

Was my test super-duper scientific? No. I wanted to see which personal defense load recoiled the least. Does this mean you should carry that particular load? Maybe. Remember I said there are many different qualifiers you should consider when choosing a defense load and this is just one aspect.
Being able to mitigate recoil and keeping rounds on target is important and how quickly you can recover from shot to shot matters.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

SIG P938 vs P238 :: Photo Comparison

Top: P238 // Bottom: P938
The SIG P938 has finally hit the shelves and most want to hold it up against SIG's current pocket champ; the P238. You can find the specifications for the P238 and P938 on SIG's Website.

Left: P938 // Right: P238

Top: P238 // Bottom: P938

Top: P238 // Bottom: P938

Left: P938 // Right: P238

Top: P238 // Bottom: P938

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Roger's Custom Kydex Holsters Appendix Carry Version 5 Holster Review

Last winter I bought a Smith & Wesson Model 13 which is a 3" K-Frame .357 magnum revolver with the intention to use it as a carry gun. The revolver proofed to be a shooter and therefore worthy of a quality holster in order to carry it effectively. I have usually always carried a firearm on my dominant side at the 4 o'clock position but decided I wanted to give appendix carry a try. The search began...

When you begin your search for a Kydex holster you will quickly discover there is an endless sea of options. However, you will not find a lot of options in an appendix rig; even fewer made to accommodate a revolver. Roger's Custom Kydex Holsters is an exception.

When I began talking with Roger he was familiar with outfitting revolvers in kydex and already had a line of appendix holsters catering towards Smith & Wesson J-Frames. I asked if he could make one for my Model 13 and he shipped me what he called his V4 AIWB (Version 4 Appendix Inside the Waist Band) I carried with this holster for just short of a month; along with several trips to the range I found my K-Frame was not being supported effectively by the single J-Hook on the holster. Roger and I exchanged a few emails and he cooked up the V5 AIWB. The Version 5 offers several improvements:
  • Thinner Kydex (.06 instead of the usual .06 front and .08 back)
  • Adustable Ride Height for comfort, concealment and access
  • Eight Different Colors
  • Lower profile for comfort and concealment
  • Two belt loops instead of a single J-Hook
Any issues I experienced with the V4 were gone and forgotten once I had the V5.

Drawing and holstering from the V5 is a one handed affair and can be accomplished without much effort. Being able to adjust the ride height (three positions) of the holster enables you to find the position that will offer you the best compromise between comfort, access and concealment. Experimenting with the different positions I found that the middle setting suits me best. The hardware is robust and has not given me any problems. Roger backs all of his products with a Lifetime Warranty.

I've found concealment of a firearm in the appendix position is very effective but many folks complain of discomfort during this form of carry. The smaller profile of the V5 makes it more comfortable while seated and nearly invisible while walking about. The heel of my revolver's grip does print if I only wear a light t-shirt; but I also have a full-size Houge MonoGrip where a smaller grip would be less obvious.

Once the weather begins to cool this fall I will once again begin wearing my Model 13 more often and will revisit this review again at a later date.

Roger's Custom Kydex Holsters can fit virtually any handgun into kydex along with magazines and shell carriers. Roger's newest creation is a kydex Handcuff Holster which illustrates his ability to do custom work. Be sure to LIKE 'RCKH' on Facebook!

SIG SAUER P938 Hits the Shelves!

When SIG released the P238; a small framed 1911-ish .380ACP, it quickly took the pocket pistol market by storm. People looking for a premium .380 pistol adopted the P238 without many regrets. Then SIG announced a 9MM version dubbed the P938. We were promised a pistol very comparable in size and quality of the P238 and SIG delivered.

The P938 Extreme comes with two magazines; one with a grip extension and one without. Without the extension the 380 and 9mm pistols grip's are the same length. The 9mm's barrel is a bit longer but not by much. A full comparison coming soon. E-mail Updates

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