Friday, January 27, 2012

The AK-12 Russia's Westernized AK

The Shooter's Log and The Firearm Blog both have a good write-up on the new rifle from Russia's largest firearms manufacture. The AK-12 has adopted fully ambidextrous controls along with an adjustable side folding stock. The typical dust cover is absent and has been replaced by a hinged model that offers a monolithic rail for the mounting of optics. Rails are also present on the forearm and gas block. I have yet to find any reports on operation or manipulation of the 5th generation of the AK platform.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

USMC Lt. Rob Riggle is the best part of Modern Warfare Elite

I loved the first Modern Warfare and enjoyed the second as well, but MW3 is weak-sauce when compared to Battlefield 3. That's right I said it! In an attempt to squeeze a little more money from you the folks behind Modern Warfare have introduced Modern Warfare Elite. The only reason I bring it up is because of their hype-man; Rob Riggle. He makes this video worth watching.

My favorite quote at 1:33 "Hey, a little help? Ha ha, just kidding; it's a grenade." LOL

Anyways, if any of you want to blow me up with a rocket or stab me in the back in Battlefield 3 (and I can't stress the BF3 clause enough) my GamerTag is RomeoTangoBravo. Ya, I know PS3 is better but all my friends have XBOX 360's so peer pressure wins the day.

H/T: My Name is FOXTROT

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Want to Mount a Red Dot on your Pistol?

I sure do! Have you looked into getting your slide milled for a particular Red Dot Sight? I have and it can be pretty expensive; not to mention that the slide of your pistol will be forever altered. Strike Industries may have just come up with a compromise. It is an optic rail for a Glock. (hopefully for M&P's too) The Rail is still in prototype form with no details on price or an availability date.

H/T: The Firearm Blog (has more pics and details) via Gunmart Blog (who has declared he will own one)

Monday, January 23, 2012 Shot Show 2012 Top Picks

With the 2012 Shot Show in the history books; it's time to continue the tradition and bring you the Top Picks! In case you don't remember; here are Shot Show 2011's Top Picks. This year we will have six categories: Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, NFA, Gear, and the *face palm* award. The envelopes please....

Rifle :: Thompson Center Dimension Rifle

Shotgun :: Mossberg FLEX System

Pistol :: Springfield Armory XDs

NFA ::SilencerCo 556SAKER Suppressor

Gear :: Magpod

*face palm* :: Mossberg 464 SPX

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beretta ARX-160 5.56 #SHOTShow

The Beretta ARX-160 is a gun that grabs my attention! Why?
  • Takes 5 seconds and NO tools to change a barrel
  • Can switch ejection from right to left and back again on the fly!
  • Change the position of the charging handle on the fly!
  • Telescoping and Folding stock
  • Full Ambidextrous Controls
  • No special tools for disassembly
We first were introduced to this rifle back in March (as a competitor to the FN SCAR) and the .22LR trainer on the range at Media Day 2012. I'm sure we won't see any 5.56 Models for many years, but I can still dream; can't I?

Don't forget there's a lot more of Shot Show to discover!

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LaRue Tactical Suitcase Gun #SHOTShow

It appears the US Market is being reintroduced to the Takedown Rifle. Wild West Guns have been making them for a while and US PALM has developed a Takedown AK-47, but LaRue Tactical has really outdone themselves. This 7.62 AR is still in 'proof of concept' form and has not even been given an official name.

Watching it get taken down I cringed at times expecting pins and springs to go this way and that but LaRue has solutions for that obviously. I'm sure once they put this rifle into production they will sell like hotcakes to agencies looking for a covert way to get a shooter into a populated environment.

More Shot Show Coverage!

Wild West Guns :: The Best Levers Around! #SHOTShow

It's no secret to regular readers of that I'm a huge fan of Lever Guns. I've owned my fair share and pulled the triggers of many more. By far, the best Lever Gun I've ever used was a Marlin 1895 that had received a once over by the folks at Wild West Guns. I bought the gun on the spot!

Wild West Guns have been doing great work in Alaska for years and now they will be opening a shop in the lower 48. The location? Las Vegas, NV of course!

More 2012 Shot Show Coverage!

Mike Miers Explains the 300 BLACKOUT #SHOTShow

The 300 BLACKOUT (300BLK or 7.62x35mm) has really been sweeping the market since it's Certification with SAAMI. It doesn't hurt that the Advanced Armament Corp round had some backing from Remington via their Freedom Group friends either.

I have yet to see any 300BLK ammo on the shelves but hopefully that will change as there are no licensing fees at all, anyone is allowed to use it. Many firearms manufactures have jumped on board and are either making 300BLK accessories or complete rifles.
Will 2012 be the Year of the 300 BLACKOUT?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Travis Haley's Take on the US PALM Takedown AK #SHOTShow

Cool idea coming from the US PALM guys! Reminds me of the old Winchester Model 12 Takedown or a current Browning BLR Takedown. Take it away Travis:

H/T: GearScout

Shot Show 2012 Coverage Collection Point

CMMG .50cal AR-15 Muzzleloader #SHOTShow

I think we have found the most ridiculous (not considered a firearm by the ATF) gun at Shot Show. It is an AR-15 .50cal Muzzleloader. Yes, you read that right.

It's really not that awful; it's just a muzzleloader with an AR body. The magazine/speedloader system is pretty neat. Would I use one over a T/C, CVA, Traditions, Knight, etc.? No, but I will give it a pass because unlike the Mossberg 464 Tactical; it's not a 'full' production gun. Plus, they have a good reason for why they built it:
“We got drunk one night and someone made a bet.”
 CMMG you really scared me for a moment, but you're alright.

The Obligatory Glock 18 #SHOTShow

Rob Curtis from GearScout takes some lessons on how to run the fabled Glock 18:

Andrew, I hope this is a good sign that you were able to make that NY reload video ;)

Keep checking our Shot Show Coverage Collection Point for more excitement!

AHHH! So Much Gear! #SHOTShow

There are so many products at Shot Show that it is difficult for even a ten man team to cover! There are firearms of every make and model, optics, furnature and let's not forget gear.

For all of you Gear (Ladies of the Night) Fans I direct you too PredatorBDU. They are not only knowledgeable in this arena but well established and get some pretty awesome access. Check them out!

PredatorBDU Blog
Predator Intellegence Facebook Page
PredatorBDU Twitter

.950 JDJ SSK Industries :: Largest Centerfire Rifle Ever Made

A little back story:
The guys from Knight Rifles "Americas Muzzleloader" head out to the range with Dave Fricke of Millennium Manufacturing to shoot the largest center fire rifle ever made. Only 12 people have ever shot the .950 JDJ as a rifle. Produced by SSK Industries, only 3 were ever made this was the first and the lightest weighing in at 50 lbs.. 2400 grain bullet and 240 grains of powder.

This leaves me speechless... the recoil looks staggering even with a brake! This is one of those rifles I'd love to shoot... once.

Converting a Colt LE/CM901 from 7.62 to 5.56 #SHOTShow

The Tavor to meet the U.S. Market... Finally #SHOTShow

If you've been following our SHOT Show 2012 Coverge Collection Point you may have notice the addition of the Tavor to the Rifle section yesterday. The Tavor is to the Israeli Military; that the M4 is to the U.S. Military. Being a bullpup design the Tavor is much shorter than the M4 while sporting a barrel of the same or even longer length.

Charles Daly Defense is back and will be importing the Tavor to the US Market. I have only recently been introduced to bullpups (Steyer AUG and Kel-Tec RFB) but I can imagine a Tavor next to my AR.

H/T: GearScout

Coonan .357MAG 6" 1911 #SHOTShow has a look at Coonan's 6" models:

You can see our experience with these beasts here:

Haus of Guns has an interview with Dan Coonan.

Keep checking out SHOT Show Coverage Collection Point; it is update all the time!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kel-Tec RFB Hunter #SHOTShow Debut

This is a 24" Barrel model of the Kel-Tec RFB. I am torn on weather I like this rifle or not... the whole concept of a bullpup is too keep the overall length of the rifle short. It still looks like the rifle's overall length is similar to a tradition rifle but I found the standard RFB's 18" barrel sufficient. MSRP: $2130

More SHOT Show 2012 Coverage!

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Beretta ARX-160 .22LR #SHOTShow Debut

It is no secret that I enjoy .22LR trainers and I have no problem calling out bad ones. It looks like Beretta is releasing a .22LR trainer ahead of the 5.56mm version of the ARX-160.

Haus of Guns had a chance to fire it and have a quick review.

Here's what Beretta has to say:

Watch our SHOT Show 2012 Coverage Collection Point for more info!
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Thompson Center Dimension Rifle #SHOTShow Debut

This may be the most dynamic firearm we will see this year. It is a multi-caliber bolt gun that is, most importantly, affordable. $649 for the rifle and $249 for the caliber kits.

It can be configured in either left or right hand from 204 Ruger to 300 WIN MAG. The different barrels use a cantilever rail for mounting scopes. This concept has been used for years in the shotgun market to facilitate slug hunting. A cantilever allows you to mount a scope to the barrel instead of the receiver; which maintains zero of an optic after the barrel is detached and reattached.

Haus of Guns has a shooting video and TTAG has a demonstration of caliber change.

Keep checking our SHOT Show Coverage Collection Point for more news!

SIG SAUER 2012 New Products

  • SIGM400 SRP
  • SIGM400 EC FDE
  • SIGM400 SWAT
  • SIG516 Olive Drab
  • SIG716 Patrol
  • SIG556 xi
  • SIG556 DMR
  • SIG522 Target
  • SIG551-A1
  • TAC2
  • SIGM400 Hunter
  • SIG556R Hunter
  • SIG551-A1 10" SBR
  • SIG516 CQB 10" SBR
  • SIG516 PDW 7.5" SBR
  • P224 Extreme
  • P224 Equinox
  • P224 Nickle
  • MK25
  • P938 Blackwood
  • P938 Extreme
  • 1911 Fastback Nightmare
  • 1911 Max
  • 1911 Desert
  • 1911 Carry Scorpion
  • 1911 Ultra Nitron
  • P250 Sub-Compact .380ACP
  • P238 Desert
  • P238 Scorpion
  • P290 Nitron
  • SP2022 Black DP
  • Standard
  • Enhanced
  • LE

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Introducing the Silencerco 556SAKER

Silencerco 556SAKER

Silencerco has finally released the details of their new rifle silencer. The 556SAKER is quite the can:

The Saker has an interchangeable front cap feature for different purposes such as a flash hider. The baffles are made from an exotic material that has never been offered in silencers and is approximately 30% stronger than Inconel®. The Saker has several patent pending technologies that place it leagues above it’s competition. Made for durability, accuracy, and function, the Saker is Superior Silence
MAAD Mount
Silencerco’s Multiple Accessory Attachment Device (MAAD) allows you to interchange the Saker’s mount so that you can attach the Saker to your preexisting quick detach mount and save hundreds of dollars.
This patent pending baffle technology protects the Saker’s baffles from erosion thus increasing its durability. Much as armor on an armored vehicle deflects the debris from an IED, the Hoplon Baffle deflects debris and cuts down on baffle erosion up to 90%

The TrifectaRS flash hider is the most advanced quick detach mount on earth. The RS stands for Resonance Suppression which is a patent pending technology that keeps the flash hider from ringing like a tuning fork. The TrifectaRS also allows the Saker to be attached and detached from the rifle quickly with one hand.
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New Magpul Products from #SHOTShow 2012

Need your Magpul fix for the new year? Here are a list of products that will be new for 2012! Nothing overly exciting, but their new Shotgun Accessories line has promise.

MOE Fixed AR Stock $69.95
MOE Forearm Remington 870 $29.95
SGA Stock Remington 870 $109.95
SGA Low/High Cheek Riser Kit Remington 870 SGA Stock $15.95
SGA Receiver Sling Mount Remington 870 SGA Stock $19.95
SGA OEM Butt-Pad Adapter SGA Stock Remington 870 $9.95
XTM hand Stop Kit $19.95
XTM Enhanced Rail Panels $7.95

Magpul and Smith & Wesson have teamed up to offer a MOE Mid-Length Rifle. GearScout has all the details. Stay up-to-date with our Shot Show 2012 Coverage Collection Point!

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MagPod for PMAGs

Here's a video of the new device:

You can read a mini review over at Gear Scout.

Stay up-to-date with our SHOT Show 2012 Coverage Collection Point.

Mossberg Tactical Lever Guns... *face palm*

I wish the pictures you are about to see were fakes, but they are two actual Mossberg products for 2012. Introducing the Mossberg 464 SPX chambered in either .30-30WIN or .22LR. Each offers a telescoping stock and tri-railed forearm.  I'll let Mossberg take it from here.... *face palm*

464™ SPX Offerings Add a New Twist to Classic Line of Lever-Actions
Mossberg® Lever-Actions Go Tactical
North Haven, CT – Traditional, classic and an American legend are words often used to describe lever-action rifles but that’s not the case with the latest offerings from O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. The patent-pending 464 SPX Lever-Actions in .22LR and .30-30 Win redefine this time-tested category with premium, tactical-style features that include 6-postion adjustable stocks; tri-rail forends with rail covers; adjustable fiber optic sights; and optional flash suppressor and muzzle brake on the .30-30 Win and .22LR versions respectively.
Reliable and durable, the 464 platform features a precision-machined receiver; well-designed and properly-positioned ejection port for clearance when using receiver-mounted optics; button-rifled barrels with recessed muzzle crowns; and convenient top-tang safety. Designed for accuracy, balance and maneuverability, 464 lever-action rifles can be a modern option for today’s hunters and shooters or ideal for tactical applications.
The SPX line combines the fast-handling, robust action of the 464 Lever-Action with many highly-desired features in two .22LR versions and two venerable .30-30 Win offerings. All four rifles have a 6-position, tactical-style adjustable synthetic stock; handy Picatinny tri-rail forend with rubber ladder rail covers; front and rear sling swivel studs; and durable matte blue metal finishes. The .22LR SPX rifle has a compact 18-inch barrel with rifle sights and a removable, ported muzzle brake version (thread protector included) is available. The receiver features dovetail-style mounts for ease of adding optics. With full-length mag tube, total capacity is 14. The centerfire version, chambered in .30-30 Win, features a compact 16 ¼-inch barrel with 1:10 twist rate; six-round total capacity; adjustable 3-dot fiber optic sights; and drilled/tapped receiver with scope rail included. Optional flash suppressor version is offered.
There is so much more that Mossberg could have done with it's lever gun line than make this abomination. The four most obvious additions that come to mind are:
  1. Deluxe Model with nice wood and leather sling
  2. Synthetic Model
  3. Synthetic Camo Model
  4. All of the above chambered in .22LR
Now if you see these from Mossberg you will know where they got the idea.

H/T: Guns Holsters and Gear

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Monday, January 16, 2012

SureFire New Products 2012

SureFire is introducing several new products for 2012:

  • UM2 Ultra
  • ZM2 Combat Light
  • DM2 Defender
  • P2X Fury
  • LX2 Lumamax Ultra
  • EB1 Backup
  • UDR Dominator
  • UBR Invictus
  • UNR Commander
  • UN3 Commander
  • R1 Lawman
  • V1 Vampire
  • IR1 Illuminator
  • 2211 WristLight
  • SAL Angle Head Light
Weapon Lights
  • X400-GN
  • X400-IR
  • X300 Ultra
  • M500LT
  • M962LT
  • M900LT
Other Products
  • 212 Monster Suppressor
  • SF Ryder Series Suppressor
  • MINI-762 Suppressor
  • Push Dagger
  • High Capacity Magazine Pouches
  • EP5 Sonic Defenders Max

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Springfield XDs 45 #SHOTShow First Look

Photo via 2 Brother's Adventure's
Springfield has entered the single-stack mini gun market but not with a 9mm; a .45 Auto. Dubbed the XDs 45 this little pistol is ready for action:
  • 3.3" Barrel
  • 1" Wide
  • 29oz
  • Front Fiber Optic Sight
  • 5+1 Capacity
  • Two Backstrap Sizes
  • Will be available in 9mm and 40S&W
  • MSRP: None Given
These are just the preliminary specifications that I can gleam from videos that have been released. My favorite feature of this pistol has to be the cut on the rear of the trigger guard which will allow for a better grip without having to add much length. Be sure to visit our Shot Show 2012 Coverage Collection Point for more news!

S&W M&P VTAC 2 + Ultralight Vertical Grip

Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics gives us a run down of their new rifle. The VTAC 2 was built in conjunction with Smith & Wesson and includes:

Then some details on the vertical grip in the video. It is the new VTAC Ultralight Vertical Grip. In collaboration with Alamo Four Star
  • 6061T Aircraft Aluminum
  • 3.8 oz
  • Fits Two Batteries (AA or CR123)
  • $89.95

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Beez Combat Systems 762 Chest Rig

Whether you are a hardened professional or green enthusiast; you will appreciate the new BCS 762 Chest Rig. The BCS Blog has the details:
Based upon our popular low profile chest rig design there is now a cost effective 762/308 chest rig that will support 7.62 NATO or .308 bullets for 20 round 308 PMAGS/M14/M1A style mags.
We were able to maintain the three rows of molle across the expanse of the rig to provide for maximum modularity and flexibility for the operator. The over sized pull-tab/elastic mag retention system provides for a secure yet rapid and silent access to the mags. The 762 chest rig is available in a 4 mag or 5 mag configuration to provide load options. The low profile design is an ideal and discreet alternative to a full size chest rig or tactical vest giving the operator tremendous versatility.
The 2” flat webbing shoulder strap H-harness provides plenty of support and does not interfere with the shouldering of the weapon. The harness provides for plenty of adjustment for use with body armor, outer garments and accommodates most body sizes. The quick release buckles provide easy adjustment. A full length pocket allows for easy access and the storage of additional items.

The 762 chest rig is made with 1000D cordura, Mil-spec webbing, thread and hook/loop. Best of all, made 100% in the USA by a company that cares. Multiple color options are available: Multicam, A-TACS AU/FG, Coyote, Ranger Green, Khaki and Black.
The best part is that the 762 Chest Rig is available now starting at $79.99.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

SHOT Show 2012 Coverage Collection Point

This will be a constantly updating post that will bring you as much SHOT Show 2012 Coverage as humanly possible... don't forget to check out the SHOT Show 2012 Top Picks!

Beretta ARX-160 5.56
LaRue Tactical Suitcase Gun
Mike Miers Explains the 300 BLACKOUT
Wild West Guns Co-Pilot
LWRC PSD 300 DI :: Guns&Ammo
Windham Weaponry Varmint Exterminator :: Haus of Guns
FNH Ballista ::
CZ 455 and 527 :: Accurate Shooter
Rock River Arms LAR-47 :: TTAG
Tavor Bullpup Coming to US... Finally
Converting a Colt LE/CM901 from 7.62 to 5.56
CMMG 50cal AR-15 Muzzleloader
Savage Model 42 Combination :: TTAG
GSG STG-44 .22LR :: CSTactical
Kimber Mountain Acsent :: NRApubs
Remington ACR :: MAC
US PALM Takedown AK w/Travis Haley
US PALM Take-down AK :: Gun Websites
MGI Hydra AR :: LBC
Thompson Center Dimension Rifle Debut
Kel-Tec RFB Hunter Debut
Adcor Defense DI AR :: 702 Shooter
Beretta ARX-160 .22LR Debut
Umarex .22LR UZI :: FirearmsGuide
SAKO TRG22 :: FirearmsGuide
Ruger American Rifle
Kel-Tec SU-16 .300BLKOUT :: TTAG
SIG 556 XI :: Guns Hoslters and Gear
Mossberg Tactical Lever Guns... *face palm*
HK MR 762A1 :: FirearmsGuide
S&W M&P VTAC 2 + Ultralight Vertical Grip

Browning A5 :: Haus of Guns
Stoeger Double Defense Over/Under :: TTAG
Kel-Tec KSG OD :: Haus of Guns
Remington VersaMax Tactical :: Guns&Ammo
Browning 725 O/U :: Fate of Destinee
SRM Arms Model 1216 :: Guns Hoslters and Gear
AR-12 :: Gun Nuts Media
Mossberg 500/590 FLEX System :: Guns Holsters and Gear
Diamondback Tactical Shotgun ::
Stoeger Condor 28GA O/U ::
Benelli M4 H2O :: Guns&Ammo
Benelli 3-Gun M2 ::
Franchi Instinct L ::
Franchis Affinity ::
MKA 1919 12 GA :: PredatorBDU

Coonan 357MAG 1911
Springfield Armory XDs 45
The Obligatory Glock 18
PARA USA Black Ops 1911 :: FirearmsGuide
Legion Firearms LF-9 :: KitUP!
Remington R1 Stainless :: Guns&Ammo
Heritage .45LC/.410GA SA Revolver :: Armory Blog
Colt 380 Mustang Pocketlite :: Colt Firearms
Kimber CDP Micro 380 :: NRAPubs
Ruger SR22 :: FireamsGuide
Regent R350 CR 1911 :: Haus of Guns
Rock River Arms 1911 POLY :: Shooting Illustrated
FNH FNS-9 :: FirearmsGuide
Kahr Arms Enhanced PM9 :: FirearmsGuide
Volquartsen LLV and Frame :: TTAG
Heizer Defense Double Tap ::
Chiappa 40DS :: FirearmsGuide
HK 45 Compact :: FirearmsGuide
SIG P290 and P224 :: FirearmsGuide
SIG P938 :: Guns Holsters and Gear
GLOCK 21 Gen 4 :: FirearmsGuide
GLOCK 34 Gen 4 :: FirearmsGuide
FN FNS-9 :: KitUP!
SIG Sauer ACP :: Adaptive Carbine Platform

SilencerCo 556Saker
PWS Suppressor Prototype :: Armory Blog
Gemtech G7 MG :: GearScout
Kel-Tec KSG Tactical :: 2BrothersAdventures
CAA RONI Beretta M9/92FS :: FirearmsGuide
CAA RONI G26 :: FirearmsGuide
K.P.O.S. G2 GLOCK PDW :: GunWebsites
Kel-Tec KSG SBS :: Firearm Blog

Burris Fast Fire III :: Shooting Illustrated
Nikon P223 :: Guns&Ammo
Leupold MK8 3.5-25x56 :: CSTactical
ATN ThOR-320 Thermal Scope :: LBC
Burris Eliminator III ::
Aimpoint T-1 2MOA :: Shooting Illustrated
Trijicon TRS :: Shooting Illustrated
Trijicon SRS
Trijicon Introduces ACOG for Crossbows + Package

AHHH! So Much Gear!
Parabellum Armament Ambi Charging Handles ::
StreamLight TLR-4 ::
Crye Percision :: GearScout
Crimson Trace 1911 Lightguard :: Gun Nuts Media
Streamlight TLR-1/s HP :: Shooting Illustrated
RCI X-Rail :: Guns&Ammo
MagPod for PMAGs
US PALM Quad Stack Magazines :: GunWebsites
Galco Holsters :: GunReports
Danner Melee :: PredatorBDU
Buck Knifes :: 2BrothersAdventures
Blue Force Gear Helium Whisper :: Gear Scout
Parabellum Armament AKAR :: FirearmsGuide
Gore™ Optifade™ Concealment Marsh Introduced by Sitka :: PredatorBDU

Freedom Group to buy Para Ordnance :: Gear Scout

New Product Overviews
Midwest Industries :: MAC
Troy Industries ::
Nikon ::
LaserLyte :: LBC
SIG SAUER New Products 2012
Magpul 2012 Products
SureFire Products for 2012
Eotech :: 702 Shooter
Geissele Automatics ::
Double Star :: CS Tactical
Trijicon :
Daniel Defense ::
Del-Ton ::
Armalite ::
Stag Arms ::
Revision Military ::
Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC) ::
LaRue Tactical ::
Elzetta ::
Mission First Tactical ::
Lancer ::

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Friday, January 13, 2012

GLOCK 17 Generation 3 vs. Generation 4 :: First Impressions

I've received a handful of emails inquiring what the differences are between Glock's 3rd and 4th Generation pistols. What we will be comparing today is an example of the Model 17 in both generations:

Grip Texture
Generation 3 Glocks have a grip texture that is considered by many to be quite slick. Late in the 3rd Gen Glock released what they called the 'RTF' or Rough Textured Frame. The RTF was so aggressive that it would tear clothing and fray seat belts over time. Many compared it to the feel of Velcro in the hand. Then came the Gen 4 Texture which is just as effective as the RTF without being so aggressive.
Gen 3 Texture
Gen 4 Texture

The Gen 3 texture was an attempt at replicating the feel of 'Grip Tape', a.k.a. Skateboard Tape, but it did not transfer over very well once molded into polymer. The Gen 4 texture is a pattern of large blocks that provides a comfortable and solid purchase of the frame.

Frame Size
The Gen 3's frame has no configuration ability; it is what it is. While the Gen 4 allows for the addition of backstraps that create a larger frame for folks with larger hands.
Top: Gen 4 // Bottom: Gen 3
Since the Gen 4 has an exchangeable backstrap system; the bare frame is a bit smaller than the Gen 3 frame. The addition of the smallest backstrap creates a grip similar to the Gen 3; the other backstrap makes the frame even larger. The Gen 4 comes with two backstraps from Glock.

Magazine Release
Glock enlarged and made the magazine release reversible in the Gen 4. This makes the Gen 4 more accommodating to lefties. A question I get a lot is , "Will Gen 3 magazines work in the Gen 4?" Yes, as long as you don't left-ify the magazine release.
Left: Gen 3 // Right: Gen 4
Guide Rod and Spring
Gen 3 uses a single spring and polymer guide rod that is a one-piece 'captured' assembly. The Gen 4 uses a two spring design and a polymer guide rod assembly that is still captured for ease of assembly. The new duel spring assembly is suppose to decrease perceived recoil. "Can I put a Gen 4 guide rod in my Gen 3?" No, due to the duel spring design the Gen 4 has a larger hole on the slide that the guide rod interfaces with.
Top: Gen 3 // Bottom: Gen 4
Final Thoughts
The Gen 4 Glock is definitely a design improvement compared to earlier generations. I am speaking too the addition of interchangeable backstraps and a reversible magazine release. In many ways this was done in order to stay competitive with Smith & Wesson's M&P Pistol. Being a newer design; the M&P arrived on the market with interchangeable "palm swells" and a reversible magazine release along with an ambidextrous slide lock as well. But I digress...

You can find a very comprehensive Gen 4 Review compiled at You can also check out our Gen 3 Glock 23 1,000 Round Shoot Off and many other Reviews.
Gen 3 Disassembled

Gen 4 Disassembled

In Other News :: 1/7/2012 - 1/13/2012

In an attempt to keep your insatiable appetites for industry knowledge met; we have created "In Other News" (ION). It will publish each week as a list of links to things that I shared via Facebook or Twitter, but did not post to Enjoy!
New Products
Good Read

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Primary Weapon Systems MK1 Series Promo Video

This video is full of WIN!

Be sure to check out all PWS has too offer (which is a lot):
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Bullet Designs Receives Local News Coverage

Our friends at Bullet Designs have landed a featured story spot on a local news station.

It is great to see that Bullet Designs continues to enjoy growth by offering unique and quality products! Make sure you check them out:
I discovered them when I needed a unique 'Thank You' gift for my team when we returned home from Iraq. Bullet Designs was extremely helpful and and creative. We decided on engraved .50 BMG rifle rounds that would be displayed standing-up at an angle; with the bullet down. I couldn't have been happier.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

RMJ Tactical Shrike :: It's More than just a Tomahawk

My RMJ Tactical Shrike is a constant companion whenever I enter the wilderness or on long trips. Why? A better question is why not? Tomahawks have proven themselves immensely useful throughout history and into modern times.

My Shrike
When I entered the Army my father placed his hand on my shoulder and told me that when I deployed he would get me one deployment gift; the only stipulation was that it had to be a blade. Being a former Army Ranger my father believed in the usefulness of a good edged weapon. To this day he uses the phrase, "Stay Sharp, Do Your Job, Serve With Honor."

I received my RMJ Tactical Shrike before deploying to Iraq in the Spring of 2010 and had it on my person every mission I conducted. It worked as a great ice breaker during Iraqi Army/Police Check Point Engagements and clearing debris during Route Sanitation Missions.
The question I receive the most from people is, "Did you ever use it?" I tell them I used it all the time. It is a fabulous utilitarian tool as much as it's a work of art. Of course I know what they're insinuating... if I ever used it in anger. There was only one time that I was in a situation where I had to use it in a persuasive manor.

My platoon was on its way back to our base after conducting a daytime Route Sanitation Mission south of Baghdad when we found our Patrol caught in a large traffic jam just north of Baghdad. In an attempt to get around the traffic our patrol attempted to go around it by driving off the road. Our patrol consisted of six MRAPs and the first two vehicles had no problem, but when it came time for our largest vehicle to make this pass an old ceramic pipe about 24" in diameter broke and created a void that the front axle of the Buffalo filled.

Some of the locals saw the path that we were attempting to take and decided to follow and once they saw we were stopped again; they just arched wider around us. Now we were surrounded by traffic with a stuck vehicle. That's about the time our rear vehicles camera operator spotted a person pull a handgun and point it at other cars. In retrospect we figured he had brandished the pistol out of frustration and not because of our presence. Either way it added a sense of urgency to vacate the area. In order to get the vehicle out of the hole we needed more room to attach a tow bar and pull it out. Our LT had me dismount with eight other Soldiers with instructions to create enough of a buffer between our patrol and the traffic in order to maneuver.
I grabbed a handheld radio, positioned the Soldiers and proceeded to convince locals to move their vehicles. The first vehicle I walked up too was a beat up white sedan. I started to motion with my free hand and saying "Imshi!" or "Go Away" in Arabic. The man behind the wheel just glanced at me and kept talking to his passenger. This made me a bit upset so I tapped  on his window to get his attention and lifted my M4 from the low ready to a shouldered position; keeping the barrel pointed downward towards his wheel. He once again looked at me, smirked, and kept talking to his passenger. Locals know that we just can't start shooting for no apparent reason, so he was not overly concerned about following instructions. Now I was mad; so I reached for my Shrike. I kept it between my IOTV and body underneath my arm. I pulled it from it's sheath and smacked the front fender of his sedan with the flat side of it. His head quickly snapped around and saw me drawing my arm back for another swing. He threw his hands in the air yelling something as I smacked his car a second time yelling "Imshi!". That is when he started putting his car in gear and turning wheel away from our patrol and honking his horn. Before long we had created a bubble large enough to pull the Buffalo free. We quickly mounted back up and made our way through the traffic.

I know it isn't a really exciting story and I'm sure many other Servicemen have used their RMJ Tomahawks in much more serious situations, but that is my Shrike story.

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