Thursday, January 19, 2012

LaRue Tactical Suitcase Gun #SHOTShow

It appears the US Market is being reintroduced to the Takedown Rifle. Wild West Guns have been making them for a while and US PALM has developed a Takedown AK-47, but LaRue Tactical has really outdone themselves. This 7.62 AR is still in 'proof of concept' form and has not even been given an official name.

Watching it get taken down I cringed at times expecting pins and springs to go this way and that but LaRue has solutions for that obviously. I'm sure once they put this rifle into production they will sell like hotcakes to agencies looking for a covert way to get a shooter into a populated environment.

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  1. Aside from seeming useful for maybe 10 non-mall ninja civilians anywhere, it seems really complicated compared to say, Palm's take down AK.

    I get why the barrel comes off (marginally) but taking the stock and buffer tube off seem like overkill.

    Perhaps they have a ridiculously small bag/box this fits into?

  2. I thought it looked pretty neat, but the guy at the booth was kind of out of joint about having it there. According to him, they were going to keep it a secret for sale only to "special" non-civilian folks and all of the sudden Mark LaRue put it on display.

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