Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mossberg Tactical Lever Guns... *face palm*

I wish the pictures you are about to see were fakes, but they are two actual Mossberg products for 2012. Introducing the Mossberg 464 SPX chambered in either .30-30WIN or .22LR. Each offers a telescoping stock and tri-railed forearm.  I'll let Mossberg take it from here.... *face palm*

464™ SPX Offerings Add a New Twist to Classic Line of Lever-Actions
Mossberg® Lever-Actions Go Tactical
North Haven, CT – Traditional, classic and an American legend are words often used to describe lever-action rifles but that’s not the case with the latest offerings from O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. The patent-pending 464 SPX Lever-Actions in .22LR and .30-30 Win redefine this time-tested category with premium, tactical-style features that include 6-postion adjustable stocks; tri-rail forends with rail covers; adjustable fiber optic sights; and optional flash suppressor and muzzle brake on the .30-30 Win and .22LR versions respectively.
Reliable and durable, the 464 platform features a precision-machined receiver; well-designed and properly-positioned ejection port for clearance when using receiver-mounted optics; button-rifled barrels with recessed muzzle crowns; and convenient top-tang safety. Designed for accuracy, balance and maneuverability, 464 lever-action rifles can be a modern option for today’s hunters and shooters or ideal for tactical applications.
The SPX line combines the fast-handling, robust action of the 464 Lever-Action with many highly-desired features in two .22LR versions and two venerable .30-30 Win offerings. All four rifles have a 6-position, tactical-style adjustable synthetic stock; handy Picatinny tri-rail forend with rubber ladder rail covers; front and rear sling swivel studs; and durable matte blue metal finishes. The .22LR SPX rifle has a compact 18-inch barrel with rifle sights and a removable, ported muzzle brake version (thread protector included) is available. The receiver features dovetail-style mounts for ease of adding optics. With full-length mag tube, total capacity is 14. The centerfire version, chambered in .30-30 Win, features a compact 16 ¼-inch barrel with 1:10 twist rate; six-round total capacity; adjustable 3-dot fiber optic sights; and drilled/tapped receiver with scope rail included. Optional flash suppressor version is offered.
There is so much more that Mossberg could have done with it's lever gun line than make this abomination. The four most obvious additions that come to mind are:
  1. Deluxe Model with nice wood and leather sling
  2. Synthetic Model
  3. Synthetic Camo Model
  4. All of the above chambered in .22LR
Now if you see these from Mossberg you will know where they got the idea.

H/T: Guns Holsters and Gear

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  1. This is in contention for the lamest gun I have ever seen. Solution looking for a problem.

  2. In many jurisdictions, California for example, guns like this will be people's best, and sometimes only, option for a tactical gun. The only other options are crippled franken ARs or Mini-14's with 10 round mags.

  3. What, NO single point sling???
    Maybe I can hook it on the saddle ring if it has one.

  4. People need to quit b**ching. If you were a hot dog salesman and the new generation of buyers were hamburger eaters then you would be changing too. Quit acting so !?&$!?* old! Times are changing. Get used to it or move on.

  5. people to be honest its true stop complaining about whole oh wth why would they even make this tactical lever action have you any idea how hard it is to customize a lever action gun without giving up looks i mean this could great for hunters who want to shoot a lever action and suppress it for hunting you never know you have to keep your mind open on what can this gun be used for that's how things are design you can bring an old design into the 21st century and let other people want to enjoy level action but with customize parts less of a strain on your bank

  6. well hell ever since the US abandoned real military rifles for AR platforms everyone has jumped on the bandwagon and truthfully ,lets face it .30-30 is a way better round than .223 , but you ar boys can cry all ya want to

  7. I have had the .30-30 model for over a year and i really love it. As a 5 ft 2in tall female who only weighs 112lbs it is easy for me to use during deer season or is my husband who is 6 ft wants to take it out all he has to do is adjust the stock for himself. it might not look the greatest but i love it for then i do my .243

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  10. Some of the hunters do not prefer the archery things or even crossbow even though they are so much suitable for the hunting but they prefer the lever gun as gun has more damage than anything for the hunting side.

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