Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Travis Haley's Take on the US PALM Takedown AK #SHOTShow

Cool idea coming from the US PALM guys! Reminds me of the old Winchester Model 12 Takedown or a current Browning BLR Takedown. Take it away Travis:

H/T: GearScout

Shot Show 2012 Coverage Collection Point


  1. It amazes me that NO ONE seems to know that the gun US Palm is showing at SHOT is ILLEGAL! They replaced the original Saiga's trunnion (the ONLY location of the serial number on an imported Russian AK variant) with a US made trunnion. You can NEVER legally remove the serial number of a firearm unless you de-mil according to ATF specs. This entails cutting the receiver into 3 pieces, rendering it useless. And you guys are just showing it to the world like you are completely inept when it comes to firearm laws. How pathetic. If you actually like the idea of this product, you should take down this video until they can destroy their first prototype (serial number "USP 000001") & build another using a US made receiver. This video could be the END of US Palm. It is not hard to research this issue. Please do so, understand the facts, then take immediate action to remove any evidence of the violation.

    1. You know you just counseled them to destroy evidence. That's at least two felonies when you factor in obstruction......

    2. You two do realize this is a government request, no? This also would, if sold commercially, nullify the NFA de facto, but it is a large risk for more than US PALM. However, if it were successful, this could change the market.

  2. Thank you for your comment, we really appreciate your attention to detail and concern for our compliance. We have addressed and rectified the issues you have stated. Thank you again for looking out for us and all those who have shared video of our product.

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