Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trijicon Introduces ACOG for Crossbows + Package

Photo Courtesy of Trijicon
I'm not into bows but I know many of you are, so here's something that is pretty neat.
Trijicon teamed up with Scorpyd Crossbow and Bad River Outdoors to bring you the most technically advanced crossbow package. The legendary Trijicon ACOG features the exclusive Bad River Outdoors® ranging system and a bolt drop compensated battery-free illuminated reticle. The lightest, magnified crossbow scope on the market fits perfectly on the new Scorpyd® Crossbow. Up to 400 fps, this bow features a vented forearm, 18.5 inch power stroke, a Kempf-Tech trigger, 150 lb. draw weight and barnsdale laminated limbs. The Quickest, Smoothest, Quietest, Most Advanced package debuts at the 2012 ATA Show in Columbus, Ohio.
An ACOG with an arrow specific compensator... I can't wait to see the first cool kid with this on their bow. I still am waiting to see Trijicon's AccuPin in the field.

Here is Trijicon's Press Release on their new sight.

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