Thursday, January 26, 2012

USMC Lt. Rob Riggle is the best part of Modern Warfare Elite

I loved the first Modern Warfare and enjoyed the second as well, but MW3 is weak-sauce when compared to Battlefield 3. That's right I said it! In an attempt to squeeze a little more money from you the folks behind Modern Warfare have introduced Modern Warfare Elite. The only reason I bring it up is because of their hype-man; Rob Riggle. He makes this video worth watching.

My favorite quote at 1:33 "Hey, a little help? Ha ha, just kidding; it's a grenade." LOL

Anyways, if any of you want to blow me up with a rocket or stab me in the back in Battlefield 3 (and I can't stress the BF3 clause enough) my GamerTag is RomeoTangoBravo. Ya, I know PS3 is better but all my friends have XBOX 360's so peer pressure wins the day.

H/T: My Name is FOXTROT

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