Friday, February 24, 2012

Ruger American Rifle :: First Impressions

The Ruger American Rifle was prominently on display during the 2012 Shot Show and has finally began to find its way into gun shops. Selling for under $400 the American steps onto the battlefield of low price point and entry level rifles like the Savage Axis, Remington 770, Mossberg 100 ATR, and Marlin XL/S7. Each rifle contends the it is far superior to the last; offering you more features and a better built rifle to fit your budget.
The Ruger Amercian Rifle's stock is very similar to the Savage Axis. It is light and ergonomic but the Ruger offers an aluminium bedding system that ensures proper lock-up with the receiver and properly free floats the hammer-forged barrel; Ruger calls it Power Bedding. The stock also features a soft rubber buttpad that seems sufficient for the calibers chambered. .243 Win, .308 Win, .270 Win, and .30-06 SPRG.
The American's action is smooth and positive. The three-lug bolt ensures smooth cycling by keeping the bolt body a full diameter throughout it's entire length. With it's 70 Degree throw and duel cocking cams the action is quick and keeps your hand away from any optic mounted on the rifle via the Included Weaver Bases.
The American sports a top tang; two position safety. You can cycle the bolt with the safety engaged for worry free loading/unloading.
With a very 'AccuTrigger' esque configuration; the American's Marksman Adjustable Trigger is user adjustable from 3-5 pounds. I found the trigger to be a pleasant surprise. There was no take-up or stacking; once you reached the correct poundage the trigger broke cleanly.  
Ruger perfected the rotary magazine many years ago and have used the design in many of their firearms. The American is fitted with a four round rotary magazine (regardless of caliber). I appreciate the capacity while keeping it a flush fit in the rifle. The magazine feeds well and is removed and reinserted without any struggle.
After handling this rifle I am predicting it to be a major success for Ruger. The American Rifle fills a void that Ruger has left untouched for a while and fills it well. I have come to the conclusion that I will buy one at some point; it is inevitable. I may have just found my new .243 predator rifle.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SWR Warlock II Unique CTA Baffle Design

'CTA' = Click Together Assembly

This unique design allows for a fool-proof assembly process and since a a seal is achieved once clicked together all of the lead and debris stays within the baffles until cleaned. Keeping the debris within the baffle stack ensures easy removal of the tube. While O-ring engaged caps keep threads clean and functional.

The SWR Warlock II is 6" long and 1" in diameter but weighs a minuscule 3oz. This lightweight aluminum suppressor touts a 41 decibel reduction. At only $299, the Warlock II is not only light on the wallet and host, but also on your hearing.

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Mossberg MVP Review :: The Kentucky Gun Company

I have not yet seen the Mossberg MVP but I am eagerly anticipating its release. I really like the concept of an AR magazine fed bolt action. I can already hear some of you groaning. "What's the point? Buy an AR!" I hear you cry... let me enjoy my quirky guns and I'll leave your fascination of vampires and teen angst alone.

I am even more excited to find out that Mossberg will be releasing an 18" and/or 16" version of the MVP. I would prefer to have a left-handed configuration, just so my Ruger Gunsite Scout could have a .223/5.56 little brother.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Been Looking for a Pocket Pistol?

The Vuurwapen Blog has an informational and entertaining video comparing .380ACP, 9MM, and .38 SPECIAL carry guns. While you may have a preference do not discount one platform over another; each have their own strengths and weakness.

I have carried a Glock 23, Bersa Thunder, S&W J-Frame, and most currently a Ruger LCP. I carry the LCP because of what if offers: a light, easily concealable pistol that I can carry without too much consideration to garments, printing, or belts. I have off and on been carrying a S&W K-Frame but had to ship it back to Smith & Wesson for repairs *sad face*

What do you carry the most?

Monday, February 20, 2012

SIG 1911-22 vs. Browning 1911-22 A1 :: Photo Comparison

Top: Browning // Bottom: SIG
A quick look at two 1911 pattern guns chambered in .22LR.
Browning in Hand
The Browning 1911-22 A1 is 7/8th the size of normal 5" 1911 complete with the thumb and grip safety. Overall the gun is true to a 1911-A1 except for size. The trigger is nothing to write home about, being heavy and full of slop, but this is not a fine tuned pistol. The size is usable for my large hands and would be darn near perfect for my wife or children.
SIG in Hand
The SIG 1911-22 is 1:1 scale to it's .45ACP big brother. It's weights is similar as well as it's overall appearance and function. The front and rear sights are driftable and of the three-dot variety. If you're looking for a .22LR trainer; I'd give the SIG 1911-22 a hard look.

Top: Browning // Bottom: SIG

Top: SIG // Bottom: Browning

Top: SIG // Bottom: Browning

Left: Browning // Right: SIG

Left: Browning // Right: SIG

Top: Browning // Bottom: SIG

Top: SIG // Bottom: Browning

A C-5 Galaxy Air Launches an ICBM :: Amazing Video!

I first saw this amazing picture, video and story over at and recommend you head over there for all the details. I couldn't help but share this amazing video. The launching of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile from the back of an airborne plane is unbelievable and without the video I would have called it almost impossible; considering all of the variables.

Truly amazing!

FNH USA's Entry into the Army's Individual Carbine Competition :: FNAC (FN Advanced Carbine)

The Firearm Blog just revealed FNH USA's entry into the US Army's Individual Carbine Competition. It appears to be refined SCAR with a mix of features from other SCAR Family guns. For all the details check out The Firearm Blog.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SIG522 SWAT Commando Hits the Shelves!

I am a big proponent of .22LR trainers! In the tactical world you can easily get uppers for your AR or purchases a dedicated .22LR clone. Today we have a .22LR version of the SIG 556.

This particular model is the SIG522 SWAT Commando. Fitted with a 10" Barrel and a faux suppressor the overall length comes to 16". The best part is now that SIG has a Factory SBR Program and offer a 10" SBR 522 SWAT.

I have not shot this rifle but I'm pretty sure I'd like to own it! In case you didn't notice it isn't using proprietary magazines. It accepts the popular, reliable, and available Black Dog Machine magazine.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

H&K MP5 A5 .22LR Hits the Shelves!

Imported by Umarex USA, built by Walther, and licensed by Heckler & Koch; this little .22lr is a pretty sexy rifle. With its all metal receiver and faux suppressor the gun has the weight of its 9mm counter part. You can check out the specifications for the MP5 A5 Here.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

DPMS Outbreak Omega 5 Zombie Shoot Registration NOW OPEN

Calling all shooters from sea to shining sea; and beyond! The date for this year's Outbreak Omega Shoot has been announced!


It will be held at Ahlman's Gun Shop in Morristown, MN; which has proven to be a great site and host of several shooting events we have attended.

Getting in on the action is simple! Registration is NOW Open and can be done right on the DPMS Website.
What does the VIZ Registration get you?
VIZ (Very Important Zombie-slayer) You get an unlimited stages wristband, entry to Friday Night Industry Cookout, limited edition KA-BAR knife, access to early Friday sign-in, FREE BEER after the shoot, 2012 event t-shirt (Include your shirt size in the order comments) and registration for prize table.
If you come you'll want to be entered into the drawings for the prize table, trust me! Last year they gave away 17 Firearms and over $50,000 in other prizes!

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In Other News :: 2/4/2012 - 2/10/2012

In an attempt to keep your insatiable appetites for industry knowledge met; we have created "In Other News" (ION). It will publish each week as a list of links to things that I shared via Facebook or Twitter, but did not post to Enjoy!

Good Reads
New Products
WIN Stuff

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Smith & Wesson to Change a Key Component of their M&P Pistol

The M&P is vying for the position of most popular polymer pistol. It has been winning Law Enforcement contracts, at every level, since it's introduction. It has been eating more and more of the market share pie that Glock has held so dear for well over a decade. Don't think that Smith & Wesson has only focused on the U.S. Their M&P Pistols have scored several contracts with foreign Military and Police forces as well.

It goes without saying that the M&P has found a large and expanding following in the competition arena World wide. So why would they change something that isn't broken? The better question is, "What are they changing?"

Smith & Wesson has touted their 'Stainless Steel Chassis' in the M&P as strong, efficient and superior to their competitors. I have not seen any reason to disagree with this statement. Even before attending a M&P Armor's Course I could see the benefits of their two-piece 'chassis' system.

Pictured above is a schematic of the current 'chassis' design. The "Locking Block" (15) and the "Sear Housing Block" (18) make up the two-piece chassis; bridged in the center by the "Trigger Bar Assembly" (17).
Below is a close-up of the New M&P Advertisement. It appears that the two-piece chassis has morphed into either a one-piece chassis or reinforced with 'side plates'.

Why? Does it offer more strength/rigidity? Is it a simpler mechanism? I'm asking because I'm curious.
Other than that it looks like Smith & Wesson will be putting a bit more focus on their M&P Pistol line this year; according to Guns, Holsters and Gear.
Smith & Wesson indicates that there are “new and exciting entries for [the] polymer pistol category,” including new guns for concealed carry and pistols for the “consumer and professional.”
This could get exciting folks. Many people have asked for a single-stack 9mm M&P; along with a 'Mid-Sized' gun that is lacking from their current line-up.

What are your thoughts?

All Terrain Tiger Stripe Coming Soon to

 I enjoy the classics. I like my comedies with Gene Wilder, my cars without computers, and my breakfast bowl filled with Kix. I even enjoy classic camouflage. Remember the German Weremacht Splinter Camo? How about the Desert Storm Chocolate Chip? Another one of my favorites that was popularized from the jungles of Vietnam and Cambodia to Central and South America is the ubiquitous Tiger Stripe.

Photo Courtesy of Predator Intelligence
This Spring the Tiger Strip gets modernized! You will soon be able to get ahold of an updated classic via If you want to stand-out by blending in you need to check out the All Terrain Tiger Stripe Pattern.

For more details you can visit Predator Intelligence and be sure to watch their Facebook Page for updates! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sniper Overwatch at Super Bowl 2012

click to embiggen
Here is a glimpse at a VERY rare sight.

click to biggify
Can you guess the make and model of the:
  1. Rifle
  2. Scope
  3. Suppressor
  4. Tripod
  5. Binoculars

Anyways.... I wonder if anyone is getting in trouble for 'leaking' this picture. Is this footage of them training?


H/T: U.S. Tactical Supply Inc. Facebook Page

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Leupold VX-II vs. VX-2 :: Photo Comparison

Leupold has updated their vaunted VX-I and VX-II line of optics. This new generation of optics carry the name VX-1 and VX-2. We will focus on the II vs. 2 in this post.

As far as a visual difference goes the first thing I notice is that the eyepiece is assembled differently. They have removed the 'lock ring' and replaced it with a friction based focusable eyepiece. The VX-1, however, still incorporates a redesigned lock ring.

The next is the turrets. From the outside the turret caps on the 2 are higher. Once you remove the cap you notice that they have replaced the 'screw driver' slotted adjustments with finger adjustable windage and elevation knobs; the same knobs that exist on the VX-3. Both VX-1 and VX-2 share this improvement. All of the finger adjustable turrets are 1/4 minute increments.

All of Leupold's scopes are still American Made and carry Leupold's Lifetime Guarantee.

For more information you can always visit the Leupold Website. E-mail Updates

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