Thursday, February 9, 2012

All Terrain Tiger Stripe Coming Soon to

 I enjoy the classics. I like my comedies with Gene Wilder, my cars without computers, and my breakfast bowl filled with Kix. I even enjoy classic camouflage. Remember the German Weremacht Splinter Camo? How about the Desert Storm Chocolate Chip? Another one of my favorites that was popularized from the jungles of Vietnam and Cambodia to Central and South America is the ubiquitous Tiger Stripe.

Photo Courtesy of Predator Intelligence
This Spring the Tiger Strip gets modernized! You will soon be able to get ahold of an updated classic via If you want to stand-out by blending in you need to check out the All Terrain Tiger Stripe Pattern.

For more details you can visit Predator Intelligence and be sure to watch their Facebook Page for updates! 

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