Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Been Looking for a Pocket Pistol?

The Vuurwapen Blog has an informational and entertaining video comparing .380ACP, 9MM, and .38 SPECIAL carry guns. While you may have a preference do not discount one platform over another; each have their own strengths and weakness.

I have carried a Glock 23, Bersa Thunder, S&W J-Frame, and most currently a Ruger LCP. I carry the LCP because of what if offers: a light, easily concealable pistol that I can carry without too much consideration to garments, printing, or belts. I have off and on been carrying a S&W K-Frame but had to ship it back to Smith & Wesson for repairs *sad face*

What do you carry the most?


  1. I alternate between my Glock 19 and 36. I am 5' 8 and weigh 170 lb,'s. I find it is not hard to carry either weapon concealed. You must dress to accommodate your weapon, it does not have to be comfortable. I feel very safe with either weapon, and go to the range a couple of times a month.

  2. P3AT user here. small, effective, and I can't think of an excuse not to carry it wherever I go. unless I'm going swimming


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