Monday, February 6, 2012

Leupold VX-II vs. VX-2 :: Photo Comparison

Leupold has updated their vaunted VX-I and VX-II line of optics. This new generation of optics carry the name VX-1 and VX-2. We will focus on the II vs. 2 in this post.

As far as a visual difference goes the first thing I notice is that the eyepiece is assembled differently. They have removed the 'lock ring' and replaced it with a friction based focusable eyepiece. The VX-1, however, still incorporates a redesigned lock ring.

The next is the turrets. From the outside the turret caps on the 2 are higher. Once you remove the cap you notice that they have replaced the 'screw driver' slotted adjustments with finger adjustable windage and elevation knobs; the same knobs that exist on the VX-3. Both VX-1 and VX-2 share this improvement. All of the finger adjustable turrets are 1/4 minute increments.

All of Leupold's scopes are still American Made and carry Leupold's Lifetime Guarantee.

For more information you can always visit the Leupold Website.

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  1. Love the fact that these are "MADE IN THE USA"! Nice informative piece. Thanks RomeoTangoBravo!

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