Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mossberg MVP Review :: The Kentucky Gun Company

I have not yet seen the Mossberg MVP but I am eagerly anticipating its release. I really like the concept of an AR magazine fed bolt action. I can already hear some of you groaning. "What's the point? Buy an AR!" I hear you cry... let me enjoy my quirky guns and I'll leave your fascination of vampires and teen angst alone.

I am even more excited to find out that Mossberg will be releasing an 18" and/or 16" version of the MVP. I would prefer to have a left-handed configuration, just so my Ruger Gunsite Scout could have a .223/5.56 little brother.

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  1. I have one. i got it a month ago. cabelas had one in texas so i had them ship it to post falls idaho. all i have to say is none of the reviews on the web do it justice . i just did a hundred yard field test with 55 grain hornady v-max. it performed amazing. you can look at the pics and details i typed up here

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