Friday, February 3, 2012

SIG Sauer ACP (Adaptive Carbine Platform) Prices Released!

The SIG ACP hit the scene just before the 2012 SHOT Show; where we were able to get a look at it. Still the only question that couldn't be answered was, "How Much?" Now we know via the SIG Website:

ACP Standard (ACP-P) :: MSRP $369
ACP Enhanced (ACP-L) :: MSRP $499
ACP Law Enforcment NFA (ACP-LE) :: MSRP $399

When the ACP hit the radar our best guess was a MSRP of, at least, $599. It is more than a pleasent surprise to find that all of the models are well below that mark.


  1. I've gotten word from a retailer that they will be pricing the standard version at under $300.

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