Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SWR Warlock II Unique CTA Baffle Design

'CTA' = Click Together Assembly

This unique design allows for a fool-proof assembly process and since a a seal is achieved once clicked together all of the lead and debris stays within the baffles until cleaned. Keeping the debris within the baffle stack ensures easy removal of the tube. While O-ring engaged caps keep threads clean and functional.

The SWR Warlock II is 6" long and 1" in diameter but weighs a minuscule 3oz. This lightweight aluminum suppressor touts a 41 decibel reduction. At only $299, the Warlock II is not only light on the wallet and host, but also on your hearing.

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  1. are they ever going to post when we might get a chance to actualy start recieving these by the time we get them they will have come out with another new one

  2. yeah takes longer to get h ands on warlock than waiting for form 4 take a year to get a warlock from start to finish

  3. might have it by the time next shot show roles around why produce something if u cant supply ur dealears if i had to do it all over id go with out back 2 d this is a joke

  4. well it showed up sent paper work out oct 28 2012 ill post when my stamp arrives

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