Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Next Flashlight? Elzetta ZFL-M60

The Vuurwapen Blog has a great rundown of the Elzetta ZFL-M60; which is actually quite the light.

I've been a big fan of Surefire for many years and have collected several of their lights:
  • 6P
  • Two G2
  • Two E2D Defenders
  • Two HL1-A
  • M600 Scout Light
  • E1B Backup
  • M910A Vert. Weapon light
I have been persuaded to give Elzetta a try. They also make some stellar mounts to attach their lights to your favorite long gun.


  1. Hey Caleb,

    I've been following you on Facebook and Twitter for a while now, but finally decided to add your blog to my reader (actually per Andrew's recommendation, so that's kind of interesting!).

    With that out of the way, I remember watching Elzatta's water proof flashlight videos a while back and being really impressed. I'd love to check out a ZFL-M60 myself, but I'm not quite at that point just yet so I am very interested to get your thoughts on the light after you have had a chance to check one out.



  2. Thank you for following Dan. I've been watching your site for a while too. I'm not a huge fan of blades but I try to keep up to date on them. That is why I find your site interesting. I really liked your review of the CardShark2; neat blade.

    I hope you stay entertained and informed :)


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