Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This is NOT my gun so I don't have all the details on the incident. This is what I do know. The owner was about half way through a concealed carry course when he experienced (what we believe to be) a squib load. What is a 'squib load'? It is when there is not enough energy behind the projectile to propel it through the barrel. Because of this the bullet will become an obstruction in the barrel. If you do not recognize the squib for what it is and fire another round you will force a catastrophic failure of the weapon a.k.a. KABOOM!
I do not know what type of ammunition he was using other than it was a brass cased full metal jacketed round. The shooter walked away with nothing more than a sore hand.

The shooter was using Winchester 'White Box' 95gr FMJ. He says during a string of fire he thought he experienced a misfire so he racked the slide inserting a new round. Not knowing that the previous round had gone off with enough energy to propel the bullet only halfway through the barrel and not enough to cycle the pistol. He then pressed the trigger on the fresh round which sent another bullet careening into the back of the stuck round...KABOOM!

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  1. Boy howdy, talk about a moment that would make you want to change your pants.

    1. This happened on a MK19 when guy after me got about 3-4 rounds downrange...the noise changed completely and I instinctively took cover. Luckily no one was killed, but a lot got shrapnel. It sent the barrel downrange...


  2. Wow, yea I bet that was a whiskey-tango-foxtrot moment for sure. Glad it ended with nothing more than a sore hand.

  3. Moral of this story: Always check the weapon thoroughly after a "misfire." I've had squib loads in GI ball ammo and that is why I ALWAYS carry a bore light to the range.

  4. I an not a fan for ruger, as I prefer the keltec originals, but good on them for making a gun that didn't bite the shooter.

    Would love to see basic ccw pieces ran through some sort of standardized test that focused on catastrophic failures.

    Kinda like a safety rating, could be good info to have.

  5. 380 LCP winchester white box rounds. Same damm thing happened to me last week during a conceal carry course. My gun looks exactly like the picture just had a little scratch on my left index finger.

  6. Olin corporation is starting to piss me off

  7. ...and many folks say a little .380 has no power...

    Dann in Ohio

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