Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Savage Firearms AR-15 in R&D

Savage Firearms via their Twitter Account (@SavageFirearms) sent the following tweet yesterday:

A few hours later Savage released a crude drawing of an AR platform rifle saying, " Here is one of four possible outcomes..."

I'm not sure what to think. I certainly hope that one of their three other designs is a little more exciting. I do like what appears to be a 'dissipator' upper. If you don't know what a dissipator upper is don't beat yourself up; I didn't know until about a year ago. Basically, it's a 16" barrel with rifle length handguards while utilizing a carbine or mid-length gas system. This creates a 'Short Barreled Rifle' (SBR) looking rifle without the extra cost and hassle. Bushmaster builds a factory dissipator fitted with Magpul furniture.

I wish Savage good luck with its AR endeavour and hope they choose a design that is more than mundane.

I'm still waiting to see a Mossberg MMR... Not really related but is.

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  1. i'll tell you what to think... This is such boring news, that I didnt even waste a blog post on it.

    If I were on the Savage development team, I would have tried to capitalize on their hunting heritage and go directly after the Remington R1 line of rifle by building something that was a 100% hunter from the ground up.... and focus mainly on hunting calibers (6.8, .308, 204, .243, etc)

  2. looks like a to me

  3. Lets see..

    an AR15 from the guys who like to make guns operator friendly and super accurate.

    I'll tell you what, get an accutrigger on there and you'll own a new market. Take the best off the shelf AR15/10 and the first thing you have to do is spend $200 on a new trigger.

    Let me know when they hit shelves and I'll buy one. Maybe two. My girlfriend says she wants one.

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