Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When you carry a Firearm do you also carry a Less Lethal option? Why Not?

Many people I know carry a firearm nearly everyday-everywhere they go; including myself. A few days ago I was talking with a group of friends concerning the 'Zimmerman-Martin' case and how it could have been handled differently. First, I'd like restate here what I first said during that discussion, "No one knows the unadulterated details of the encounter and many will never know (whether from loss of interest or sticking their fingers in their ears and yelling) and anyone that says they do know should be listened too with your bullshit meter on high."

One person had suggested that a less lethal response would have been more appropriate. I don't think anyone would disagree with that statement, but it is all dependant on the situation. If you are aware of your assailants intentions and have the time to offer a less than lethal defense; then by all means do so. More often than not, many people have lost control of a situation or were not aware of their surroundings to begin with and are 'ambushed' with deadly force and now must react.

I smiled a bit when my buddy brought up that idea of a less lethal paired with a firearm as I have carried such a combination for about a year. I have been carrying a Ruger LCP and the Kimber Pepper Blaster II. I typically carry the LCP in a pocket holster and the Pepper Blaster in a cargo pocket. I like options... If I am confronted with an aggressor I'd prefer the option of presenting a less lethal (if the situation allows) before I must present deadly force. If I can stop/deter a threat without drawing my firearm; I consider that a win.
I often carry the following items that I consider 'must haves' for self defense:
  • Phone (communication, video/audio/text)
  • Light (identification/deterrence)
  • Less Lethal
  • Firearm (+1 reload, at least)
All of those tools are important but are worthless without the proper mindset and implementation.

Can a less lethal tool be useful? Absolutely, with the proper employment and situation. I am not claiming to be an expert on the subject and would be interested to hear some of your thoughts.


  1. I have been carrying a pepper blaster for over a year now. Not the number II, the other one (without the little pistol grip) in one of their holsters on my belt. I carry it on opposite side of the gun (as was told me by a LEO friend). In their holster it looks like a cell phone case- hidden in plain sight.

  2. The problem with the pepper blaster is that it looks just like a kids squirt gun. Not a good idea if you have or are around kids!

    1. Seriously? A worn out argument used bu the anti-crowd. I have raised fve children around my guns, knives, non lethal, axes, hatchets, fire, ........ It is all in how they are taught. I have NEVER used the old "stay away, do not touch"theory. I have educated with "this can hurt you or somebody, do not touch, ask me and I will show you"
      Works for me- oldest is 21 in college, youngest is 6- no injuries so far.

  3. Yes sir, Cold Steel Inferno on my key ring.

  4. No, its a waste of space. The reason is, at least around here, that perps use a shock and awe technique. They will move close enough to you to blind side, surprise attack. You would have a hard enough of a time to get to your pistol, mostly not no time at all. Unless you wish to keep the spray in your hand and aim at everyone, its useless.

    My wife could get her weapon out faster than me, I would likely have to fight away from an attacker to get to mine. By then a spray a lead is much more needed than a spray of chemicals. As a result we avoid crowds and individuals in certain places. Stay away from certain places altogether. Stay keenly aware of our surroundings and ready to pull lethal force, non lethal would increase your chance of your demise instead of warding off the attack.

    Besides, if it doesn't have a barrel to aim, that little round can of spray could hit my own eyes!


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