Sunday, April 8, 2012

Is this the M&P Shield?

Introducing the Smith & Wesson SHIELD

This photo has been ripping around the Internet since it splashed onto reddit. It seems to be pretty consistent with the 'Clues' that Smith & Wesson have been dropping. You can check out the clues here!

It appears to be a single-stack 9mm with the option of a compact or full-length magazine. A manual safety is located on the frame, but is of smaller profile than the standard M&P 1911-ish safety. The sights appear to be excellent along with the 'standard' sized magazine and slide release. It appears that the Shield has retained the interchangeable 'palm swells'. The existent of an accessory rail is not immediately apparent.

With the existence of the moniker '9 Shield' it would only be logical that a '40 Shield' won't be too far behind. Can you smell the '45 Shield'?

So is this it or a clever ruse? 

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  1. Interesting! I've been following the clues a little and honestly, I find the whole smoke and mirror thing kind of boring - granted I'm not head over heels into guns - but I'm more just into companies releasing announcements on products without a bunch of bs. I will say the 9 Shield looks like it could be appealing on paper. I look forward to seeing some hands-on thoughts about the gun.

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