Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Trigger Stripe Drill :: Haley Strategic

The Trigger Stripe Drill is designed to increase attention given to how your finger is articulated on the trigger face. I don't want to spoil anything but my mind has been blown.

Download the target HERE

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  1. You can always tell who the best instructors are by the desire to continue training and there ability to accept constructive criticism.

  2. Nice target. I must say...that even if you keep the pressure "flat" on the trigger face as you press the trigger to the rear you will stray off target if you are unable to control your "flinch" (anticipation of the recoil). I can see this target as a tool, but flinching is the biggest detriment to shooting accurately. Make sure you practice with the "Ball & Dummy" drill as well. Shoot straight !!

  3. This is by mounting sanding drums honing wheels and other accessories in the chuck. It can be risky on numerous drill here

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