Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Army Bans Magpul PMAG (and all other 'unauthorized' ones)

Me and Lucky #3 in Iraq

I've always believed that one of the weakest components of a semi-auto firearm is the magazine. If we can improve the chances of loading the firearm more efficiently we improve the overall effectiveness of the individual.

Without sounding like a 'fan boy' for Magpul I would like to say I have over twenty pmags and have had great performance from them. At the same time I have many more USGI Magazines with both green and tan followers. I have experianced several issues with the green followers but have had much better success from the improved tan follower.

So why is the Army banning them? I have no idea... there is plenty of conjecture out there.
  • They don't work
  • We (army) don't own the rights
  • Some unknown issue...
What's nice about being a civilian rifleman is that you can find a product that fits your needs and use it without 'higher-ups' making decisions for you. You'll always find nay-sayers for every product but if it works for you; rock on.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rob Pincus and James Yeager on Open Carry

This video has been making the rounds and burning up the Internet with a flame war second only too Sherman's March to the Sea. (too soon?)

I have open carried when I was not legally allowed to conceal but prefer to conceal when I can. I have found that it is just easier to go about your day and interact with people when they have no knowledge of you having a firearm.  First impressions are important and cannot be erased. Many develop a poor perception of someone when they appear with an open carried firearm; just like they do when they see someone with a neck tattoo (or both). I'm not condoning this just acknowledging it.

What are your thoughts?

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gun Buyers' Habits That Drive Me NUTS!

I currently dabble in the firearms industry as a gun salesman for a big box retailer and encounter customers with varying degrees of firearms knowledge. Before you instantly make the assumption that this post is the rant of a 'gunshop commando' just being an asshole; you need to hear me out. I look forward to helping someone purchase a firearm for defense or their new waterfowl gun. I really enjoy helping a parent match their child to their first firearm. I'm even eager to cover the most basic concepts as far as firearms are concerned. I never try to demean, talk-down too, or piss-off customers; because at the end of the day we all started somewhere and we are always learning. (Never forget that)

"The grip is too short"
I have several people everyday walk up to the gun counter and ask for a small carry pistol. I will always start at the smallest; LCP's, Glock 26, etc. Once they hold the pistol their pinky and ring finger start to wiggle and they look at me, "This doesn't fit..." You see now I'm confused; are you looking for a small pistol that is optimized for (simple) everyday carry or something larger? I realize that many companies offer extensions for magazines that allow for a full size grip, but once you enlarge the grip you are basically negating the purpose of the small pistol in the first place; being a small/light carry gun.

Most often folks will end up deciding on a Glock 19/23, M&Pc, XD/m Compact which can be concealed just fine when using a good holster and belt but most folks have no intention of investing in those things. A week or so later they end up walking back up too the counter looking for a smaller gun. AHHHHH

"That gun would be good for a woman"
The size or caliber of a firearm doesn't have anything to do with the gender of the end user! Speaking almost directly at the LCP sized gun men will vocalize the quote above. Simple physics must be recalled when shooting firearms. If you take a 9mm and fire it from a SIG 226 (34oz.) and a Diamondback DB9 (11oz.) the recoil will be perceived as much more significant firing the smaller/lighter pistol; making it far less attractive for a female. I am not implying a female can't handle it but more often than not these small/light pistols are considered perfect first guns for their wife/girlfriend/sister/mother; when they are the opposite.

"I have an HK USP Tactical, FN 5.7, Styer AUG, and a Barret M82A1 but I'm looking for a Hi-Point."
Why do people insist on prefacing questions with a list of firearms they (may or may not) own? Maybe this one just bothers me but 9 out of 10 times a conversation opens with the quote above they are always looking for a cheap gun. This flows into the next quote well...

Decocks Beretta 92 and a Concerned Look Covers Face, "That's not suppose to happen."
No, that's EXACTLY what's suppose to happen it's just like your HK! <--- That's what I want to say but because I'm a nice guy I walk them through the process, function and purpose of a decocker.

"I'll take this $200 gun over that $500 one because it does the same thing and I'll never use it anyways."
I always try to outfit the customer with a firearm that will meet their needs and budget as best as I can. But the quote above makes me sad :( Let's be honest for a moment; they will probably never need to use it. Most of us will never really need to use a firearm for self defense but a gun is a unique tool. If you find yourself in a situation where you need a gun and don't have one; you won't need another gun ever again. This doesn't always mean you need the most expensive firearm; the first rule of a gunfight is too bring a gun. A common phrase in use is a small/cheap gun in the pocket is better than a large/expensive one in a safe. We all start somewhere.

"I'm looking for a S&W Sigma; I don't want to carry my XDm. I don't want to scratch it."
I sold a XDm to a new hire of an armored car service (the XDm was his decision) that he intended to carry during his duties. Less than a month later he came back looking for a Smith & Wesson Sigma to carry on duty instead of the XDm. He was worried about the XDm getting scratched up. I tried to reason with him by telling him the XDm is better suited for his purpose and that he shouldn't worry about the gun getting beat up. Duty guns get rough because they're duty guns! I tried to even use Springfield's own marketing by telling him 'XD' stood for 'eXtreme Duty' but the irony was lost on him.

If you buy an expensive gun with the intent of using it as a carry/duty/fighting gun don't puss out turn it into a safe queen. You bought quality because you knew you needed it. I have a Kimber Pro Carry that I treat like a Glock and it shows. I don't know about you but I love seeing a gun that has received heavy use (not abuse; there's a difference).

"My buddy is a Soldier/Marine/Cop/Ninja and he said..."
I once thought that all Military and Law Enforcement Members knew things about firearms too. Once I joined the Military and later became friends with Law Enforcement I quickly came to realize that the majority don't know JACK! Don't fall into the trap of assuming that a person who carries a M4 or a Glock everyday knows everything there is to know about firearms. They may be intimate with that particular gun (sometimes not) but that doesn't give them a blank check to opine on all firearms.

The way I like to look at it; my breathe of firearms knowledge is a mile wide but only inches deep. It's maybe a couple hundred yards deep in certain areas but I still have a lot to learn in many others.

There are lessons that can be learned from every quote above and some were just me complaining... either way; have a good day because I know I will. Good luck and have fun!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Diamondback DB9, Ruger LC9, SIG 290, Kahr CM9 :: Photo Comparison

I recently had a chance to handle a Diamondback DB9 and thought I would throw it next to some other Mini 9mm's.

Clockwise from the Top Left: Ruger LC9, SIG 290, Kahr CM9, Diamondback DB9

Left to Right: Kahr CM9, Diamondback DB9, Ruger LC9, SIG 290

Monday, May 14, 2012

Diamondback DB9 Hits the Shelves!

Yes, I know that the Diamondback DB9 has been out for a while but these are the first ones I've personally handled. First Impression: "Wow! That's a 9mm?"

As I handled this tiny 9mm I noticed that it disassembled in the same fashion as Glocks do. The next thing I noticed was that it was made in Cocoa, FL. There is another very popular firearms manufacture by the name of Kel-Tec in the same city; matter of fact, they are just down the road (half mile). With a little more research I discovered that Diamondback was founded by a couple of former Kel-Tec employees.

The DB9 is almost impossibly small for a 9mm weighing in at only 11oz. with a three inch barrel. Most small pistols don't have great triggers and the DB9 is no exception, but it doesn't have a horrible trigger. Diamondback's Specifications publish a 5lbs. DAO pull which I tested to be a consistent 6lbs. with a Lyman Digital Trigger Pull Gauge.

The sights aren't really anything to write home about and keeping with it's host; they are a small white 3-dot configuration. The pistol doesn't offer a manual safety and lacks a slide stop. These two features seem to be the most noticed and the absence tend to bother some folk; others not so much.

Diamondback recommends you DO NOT use any 9mm ammunition higher than 124gr. or any ammunition that is rated NATO, +P, +P+ or anything else that is higher than SAAMI Standard pressure 9mm.

World War II Reenactment Coverage :: Military Arms Channel

That was the fastest 13+ minute video I've watched in a long time! Like most of MAC's videos they are a pleasure to watch and you always learn something.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The Predator Intelligence brand continues to grow with the launch of PredatorEDC.com. Press release below:
Predator Intelligence has been working hard to get our latest store up and running with some of the best knives, tools, and flashlights in the industry and are proud the announce the launch of PredatorEDC.com. Every Day Carry has become a discipline or lifestyle for many and we will be offering the best brands in the industry to fulfill those seeking high quality products and fit with their philosophy of preparedness.

Our favorite manufacturers are featured including Spyderco, SOG, Fenix, and Cold Steel.  PredatorEDC offers many more top of the line names in the industry that are highly regarded in the EDC community. We have focused on creating a very customer friendly shopping experience and are providing Free shipping within CONUS for any order of $75 or more. Come see the great new line of products we are now offering  and continually expanding at PredatorEDC.com
Here are the RomeoTangoBravo Top Picks from PredatorEDC.com:

VersaCarry Generation II Giveaway

My Running Buddies: Ruger LCP w/LaserLyte in a VersaCarry
This is your chance to get your hands on the VersaCarry Generation II Holster!

  1. 'Like' VersaCarry on Facebook (*bonus!)
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  3. Visit our photo gallery and click on the 'VersaCarry Giveaway' Album.
    Pick which holster you would like to win (you can enter all of them, once) and enter a number between 1 and 2,000
  4. Sit back and wait... Winners will be announced on 6/1/2012
Pick your VersaCarry
*Added Bonus!
If VersaCarry reaches 2,200 'Likes' by the end of our contest they will offer 60% OFF June 1-3! This is your chance to own a VersaCarry at a great price; if you don't win one.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BCM Announces New Comp and Ambi Gunfighter Charging Handle

Bravo Company makes high class weaponry and that is no secret. BCM also makes some great accessories. Their most recently announced product was the BCM Gunfighter Grip until yesterday...

Narrated by Pat Rogers and Travis Haley this part carbine history, part commercial, part product announcement is well done. In the video two new BCM products are announced without much emphasis.

BCM Gunfighter Comp (2:10)
The design is still largely unknown; the only hints we have are provided by screen shots from the video above.

Pic via GearScout

Ambidextrous BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle (2:29)
The long awaited and often whispered about Ambi version is coming down the chute! I first mentioned the prospect in my AR-15 Charging Handle Video. I would love too see how the Ambi Gunfighter stacks up against what I belief to be the King of Ambi's; the TacOps-1 from MechArmor Defense.

Hopfully BCM will be making some in-depth product videos soon.

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