Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Army Bans Magpul PMAG (and all other 'unauthorized' ones)

Me and Lucky #3 in Iraq

I've always believed that one of the weakest components of a semi-auto firearm is the magazine. If we can improve the chances of loading the firearm more efficiently we improve the overall effectiveness of the individual.

Without sounding like a 'fan boy' for Magpul I would like to say I have over twenty pmags and have had great performance from them. At the same time I have many more USGI Magazines with both green and tan followers. I have experianced several issues with the green followers but have had much better success from the improved tan follower.

So why is the Army banning them? I have no idea... there is plenty of conjecture out there.
  • They don't work
  • We (army) don't own the rights
  • Some unknown issue...
What's nice about being a civilian rifleman is that you can find a product that fits your needs and use it without 'higher-ups' making decisions for you. You'll always find nay-sayers for every product but if it works for you; rock on.

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  1. PMAGS are the only mags I currently own for AR's... if they made a PMAG for the Mini-14... I'd own those too...

    Dann in Ohio

  2. Ridiculous. From what I understand though is that this is Army only, correct? It currently does not apply to the Marines. Fix my ignorance if I'm wrong though.

    1. Yes, this article is directed at the Army. As far as the Marine Corps is concerned I believe they banned them from use with the IAR Platform; so in a round about way banning them as well.

  3. Just like I told the fiancee when she saw the article. Some big guy in Washington decided "we didn't invent it, so we're not using it." Same reason you're wearing that camo pattern in the picture.


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