Monday, May 14, 2012

Diamondback DB9 Hits the Shelves!

Yes, I know that the Diamondback DB9 has been out for a while but these are the first ones I've personally handled. First Impression: "Wow! That's a 9mm?"

As I handled this tiny 9mm I noticed that it disassembled in the same fashion as Glocks do. The next thing I noticed was that it was made in Cocoa, FL. There is another very popular firearms manufacture by the name of Kel-Tec in the same city; matter of fact, they are just down the road (half mile). With a little more research I discovered that Diamondback was founded by a couple of former Kel-Tec employees.

The DB9 is almost impossibly small for a 9mm weighing in at only 11oz. with a three inch barrel. Most small pistols don't have great triggers and the DB9 is no exception, but it doesn't have a horrible trigger. Diamondback's Specifications publish a 5lbs. DAO pull which I tested to be a consistent 6lbs. with a Lyman Digital Trigger Pull Gauge.

The sights aren't really anything to write home about and keeping with it's host; they are a small white 3-dot configuration. The pistol doesn't offer a manual safety and lacks a slide stop. These two features seem to be the most noticed and the absence tend to bother some folk; others not so much.

Diamondback recommends you DO NOT use any 9mm ammunition higher than 124gr. or any ammunition that is rated NATO, +P, +P+ or anything else that is higher than SAAMI Standard pressure 9mm.

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  1. I picked one up back in January. They are pretty decent for what you pay (very little). The recoil is a bit snappy on the thing, but seems nice for a little pocket 9. I hadn't seen the orange one before, just the solid black. The only negative to it (other than the gritty trigger) is that very few people carry magazines or anything for it so you will probably be buying them from the Diamondback store.

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