Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Diamondback DB9, Ruger LC9, SIG 290, Kahr CM9 :: Photo Comparison

I recently had a chance to handle a Diamondback DB9 and thought I would throw it next to some other Mini 9mm's.

Clockwise from the Top Left: Ruger LC9, SIG 290, Kahr CM9, Diamondback DB9

Left to Right: Kahr CM9, Diamondback DB9, Ruger LC9, SIG 290


  1. That last picture puts the double barreled 1911 to shame!

  2. Second picture order is off, for clockwise it should be lc9, 290, db9, and cm9. Doo you have a range report comparison yet?

  3. Very nice. Thank you for sharing. I did not realize how close in size these pistols where. I own the LCP and am looking at purchasing an LC9.

  4. the LC9 should not have the pinky extension on when comparing height, the other guns don't have a pinky extension on. I grabbed a LC9 (in Philly no less) for only $270 it was sold "as new", meaning never owned but was handled a lot (the finish on the barrel hood had some ware due to slide racking to safety check. I say "in Philly no less" because here guns are usually $50 to $100 more than out side of the city. I was searching for a good deal on a Nano, but I'm happy I found my LC9. The Kahr CM9 is a great gun but is not as smooth as the LC9 in operation and the surface of the Kahr has sharp edges, where as the Ruger fells like a bar of soap. I have both LC9 and CM9,but my son took over the Kahr. Both guns run flawless with all JHPs I ran through them.


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