Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rob Pincus and James Yeager on Open Carry

This video has been making the rounds and burning up the Internet with a flame war second only too Sherman's March to the Sea. (too soon?)

I have open carried when I was not legally allowed to conceal but prefer to conceal when I can. I have found that it is just easier to go about your day and interact with people when they have no knowledge of you having a firearm.  First impressions are important and cannot be erased. Many develop a poor perception of someone when they appear with an open carried firearm; just like they do when they see someone with a neck tattoo (or both). I'm not condoning this just acknowledging it.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I think the folks in the this country are progressing in overall favor of firearms... but it's been an evolution, not a revolution...

    We spend a couple weeks in Cody, Wyoming every few summers and open carry, along with rifles in window racks of pick-up trucks, is still very common there... even though the big city tourists are amazed, but seem accepting 'cause it's a cowboy/out-west kind of thing...

    Even here in Ohio, we've made great strides in legally allowing our second amendment rights to be exercised... but open carry by someone without a uniform still bothers a lot of folks...

    Personally, I don't like to advertise that I'm carrying... it's just basic OPSEC... I don't flash money when I get my wallet out to pay for something... I don't flash my gun around...

    I've trained a lot of folks to qualify for Ohio's license to carry a concealed handgun - even before the law went into effect - and I still get the question from students...

    "What if some sees my concealed carry gun?"... to which my reply is, "Then you don't get the concept of concealed."...

    Truthfully, I (and many folks) have open carried around the farm and rural areas for years... but then again, the only ones out here that mind the groundhogs and coyotes... as there just aren't many folks around to observe it...

    Give folks time... they're generally evolving... in our favor...

    Dann in Ohio

  2. In CA, the people who open carried often did so to actually have a chance to defend themselves. Yes, they would have had to load the make their gun ready, but it was all they had. It's called desparation. When UOC (unloaded open carry) was done as form of protest it was done at public venues to accomplish several things 1) to show average citizens that the guns en masse don't just produce dead children and puppies (or "blood baths" like the Brady's predicted) 2) to restore some lost gun culture 3) to attempt to gain more favorable conceal carry liklihood. Pincus' comment of not being able to carry a gun to the car from the house "openly" is moot.. you can't do that anyway. As far as Yeager's comment that nobody's trained as usual, he's dead wrong as usual. Yeager also suggests UOCers do it to get "oohs and ahhs" and again, dead wrong. These guys are scared to death of their government and certainly don't want that attention. Doing it in a group is to show that it's safe, and it's still a measure of self defense, albeit it minimal. THe video cameras are for protection. I think if these jackasses realized how much Californian gun rights activists actually fought for their gun rights as opposed to their own lack of support for 2a beyond donating to NRA only, they'd take a chill. If anything, they should be supporting CA gun rights. It's a matter of money to get the last few states without gun rights to have them. But being ignorantly divisive against real patriots is how you slow gun rights in their states.

    1. It makes me sad knowing that many places (CA, Chicago, NYC, etc.) limit the carry of firearms by lawful citizens; either completly or in a manner to present them appropriately in order to use them effectivly.

    2. I'd also add it's a huge insult to the 2A when endless jackasses in gun shops and on online firearms auction sites lump all the valiant 2A defenders in CA along with ALL the citizens of the state, anti-gun and neutral and decide NOT to do business with CA buyers. If anything they should be MORE willing to do so. In a state with 45 million people, probably a third of which are afraid of guns, become new gun owners every day (no choice, all the criminals are robbing them). And we all know "more guns equals more peace." WHen I lived there I felt it was a good accomplishment to make a new gun nut even twice a year! Some of those guys and gals who are new faces of gun culture in CA probably participated in UOC I'm sure of and he was even on TV giving a great interview while at starbucks! lol

  3. I don't know these guys or yall from Adam but they come across like elitists. Both political statements and self-defense personal choices are a part of freedom. Their statements about UOC (new abbreviation woot) at the beginning of the video are pretty offensive. They basically said "If you use your freedom, your an idiot and are going to make the government take away all our freedoms" That's just not cool.

    Fine you don't think OC is a good idea tactically I might or might not agree with you but why would you EVER say that outside of a classroom environment? We want all gun laws and restrictions on methods and forms of carry eliminated! Statements like these set the movement back.

    These laws are a freedom issue, not a tactics issue! Good on Oklahoma for returning freedom to their people where it belongs.

    Like I said I don't know these guys but I would never take or recommend someone else to take a class from someone with the attitude that they seem to be portraying here.


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