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Each year the OUTBREAK: Omega Shoot gets bigger and bigger. More people, more stages, and more prizes. This year I decided to beat the crowds and arrive at Ahlman's a day early and set up my tent for the night. I pulled in around 5pm and I hadn't beat the crowd! There was already hundreds of people milling about and conducting show and tell. I quickly pitched my tent and began to make the rounds.

There were license plates from all over the country and accents to match. There were encampments that appeared to have been there for weeks! With camo netting, fire pits, and projection screens. Many people were conducting show and tell. There were all sorts of weapon platforms represented but the AR was king. In many cases the gear overshadowed the hardware. Name brands and home spun kit were side-by-side for comparison.
No explaination needed... it's exactly what you think.
I entered the registration building and shook hands with the fine folks at DPMS. I was handed a range bag that was also given to every person who signed up; filled with stickers, knifes and other goodies. I then had a chance to peruse the Giveaway Table. Filled with over 20 Firearms, several AR uppers, optics, gear, and even an American flag guitar signed by Ted Nugent. I was then told that OUTBREAK: Omega 5 would be conducting Minnesota's first Full-Auto Suppressed Shoot with the help of Advanced Armament Corp. (I knew which stage I would be hitting up first)
John Hollister and Myself
As I continued meandering around the vendors' area I saw a familiar face. I didn't want to make an accusation of identity and be wrong about it so I opened with the line, "You look familiar..." After a bit of banter I got a picture with John Hollister from AAC. I then ran into a few of the guys from Mission First Tactical. I can't say enough good things about MFT. The caliber of their people is equal to their gear. The best part about MFT is that they were there the day before and all day of the shoot to talk with you; the end-user.

As the sun set the fires were lit and the parties began to form. Conversation, music, and refreshments were had by all. There were two separate screens showing zombie movies to prepare you for what the next day had in store.
Myself and Brother-in-law ready for the day
The local weathermen had forecasted a 40 percent chance of thunderstorms with temperatures in the low 80's for the day of the shoot. It stayed overcast and hot all day but not unbearable. I had chosen to wear an ATACS-FG Uniform from Predator Intelligence and an M4 Recon Chest Rig from Beez Combat Systems. My weapons of choice were my trusty Bravo Company Machine SBR, Mossberg 500 20GA, and a Smith & Wesson Model 13. I ran the revolver in a Roger's Custom Kydex Appendix Version 5 Holster for part of the day and the rest inside the BCS Chest Rig.

The ranges went HOT at 8am. My first stop was the AAC stage and fired Remington Defense's ACR; which was pretty sweet. We then played with some 300 Blackout and standard AR riles. Then off to enjoy the shooting stages.

With the shoot gaining in populartiy there were more shooters and to help keep the lines down more stages were being operated this year. No one likes standing in lines but what is neat is that you are waiting in line with a bunch of folks that have a myriad of different weapon and gear setups. You get to ask them questions. What becomes apparent really quick are the folks that are use to carrying gear and those who aren't. Some opted for the '3-Gun Cart' while others kept their loadout simple and light. Others were obviously gluttons for punishment and wore every piece of 'tacti-cool' gear they owned along with every firearm they wanted to shoot that day.

One of the most dynamic was the 'Zombie Safari' where you would be driven through the woods on 4x4 and engage targets at varying distances. Most stages consisted of static steel plates that give you instant feedback. I was really looking forward to the shotgun stages that had clay targets flying through the air but unfortunately I was disappointed by their absence.

Another aspect of the shoot that was lacking this year was that there were fewer vendors. I was looking forward to talking to several of the sponsors of the event, but not many showed. The ones that did were very engaged with the public.
Just a few of the guns that were given away
At 5pm the ranges went COLD and the giveways started at 5:30. I unfortunately didn't win anything but I'm happy for those that did. (you bastards) The clouds parted shortly after allowing the sun to finally break through. As the temperature rose the area cleared of shooters and the folks at DPMS started stacking zombies for the bonfire. Until next year my friends; only hits count!

DPMS OUTBREAK: Omega 5 Top Picks List: (for no apparent reason)
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