Saturday, October 6, 2012

The San Benito Police have Special Rifles and Ammunition that you just can't handle...

It appears those evil gun dealers have taken a break from supplying Mexican Drug Lords to help out the San Benito PD by taking in on trade some of their old shotguns and pistols for a few Bushmaster AR-15's.

Investigator Rogelio Banda from the San Benito Police Department shows off his department's new toys to the local media. The reporter in the video informs us that the officers will receive a whole eight hours of training (extensive I'm sure) before they are able to take the rifles on patrol. The following quote from Investigator Banda is the best by far:
"The particular bullets; assault, you know from a, from a assault rifle they're more powerful, they travel faster, they, and you can hit targets up to 300 yards you know they're very accurate."

There has to be at least one gunnie in that department banging his head against a table. We are also given a lesson on how these particular magic bullets will be more effective. Correct me if I'm wrong (which is often) but why is this department loading their magazines with, what appears to be, Winchester Ballistic SilverTips; when Winchester has a offers a much more suitable load in their PDX1 line of ammunition? It can be argued that at the end of the day ammo is ammo but the black bullet and nickle case sure are sexy.


H/T: TheGunWire


  1. But he has chest candy, and his uniform is clean. Doesn't that count for something?

    sarcasm off :/

    Frigging wingnut. How would he describe a 240 or 249? God forbid he should have to qualify on the M2. :/


  2. This... thing would wet itself if it saw my friends and I working our M1 Garands at a CMP match. Or our various pistols at IPSC.

    These ignorant elitists barely know which end the hot stuff comes from, and can't imagine that anyone else does.

  3. So 'splain this to me: Why are the cops hell-bent on shooting folks 300 yards distant (assuming the statement is even reasonably accurate)? Are they planning to initiate a stand-off somewhere I should know about?

  4. I'm wondering if the idiot ever found his sun glasses? But then ... he probably wears his ball cap backwards too.

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