Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Tavor (TAR-21) coming to the U.S.... Still

The Bullpup Forum recently hosted 'Bullpup Shoot 2012' at the Rockcastle Shooting Center and apparently the IWI Tavor (TAR-21) stole the show. Jerking the Trigger has some great coverage of the shoot and the Military Arms Channel has a close up with the Tavor.

I first sat-up and took notice when the Bullpup forum posted a video from SHOT Show 2012 'unofficially' announcing to the masses the intent of IWI to finally introduce the Tavor to the U.S. I've never really given bullpups much attention because I run long guns left handed, but with the capability to switch the Tavor to left hand with a few different parts... they have my attention.

According to the video from SHOT they were hoping for a release by September/October 2012 "just before the election". Obviously that won't be happening and a new updated timeline puts availability at May 2013 with a $1900 MSRP.

I have no need for another semi-auto 5.56mm platform but the Tavor looks pretty damn sweet. Let's just hope it shows up to the party and performs as advertised.

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  1. This is really the first flavor of bullpup I've been interested in.

  2. Are you aware of any way to get on a pre-order list? Btw thank you for the updated post on release info.

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