Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What's Old is New Again :: WWII Browning BAR Forward Vertical Grip

Every once in awhile we get a glimpse of a "modern" technique being used decades before it's supposed invention.

The use of a vertical forward grip has been considered a modern addition to a rifle but evidence of the items use keep popping up in documentary footage. Vuurwapen Blog has a freeze frame of a Marine on Iwo Jima with a vertical grip on a Thompson.

Recently while watching documentaries (one of my favorite past times) I saw a WWII era Service Member (Soldier or Marine? I'm not great with period uniforms I'm leaning Marine) using what appeared to be a vertical forward grip on a Browning BAR.

This image is from 'The Color of War' Episode 4 'Victory' about five minutes in. You can find the documentary on NetFlix. Perhaps the use of such items aren't modern; just more popular.

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  1. In an old history book (60's era)I saw an American Doughboy with a french Chauchat machine gun on which someone had added a file handle (?) as a VFG. Like you said, everything old is new again.


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