Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bob Costas and a View of Rights

I don't intend to be long winded because this horse is beginning to smell pretty bad, but I thought I'd share my concerns with you nice folks.

Bob Costas offered his opinion on a topic that many have said he has no reason to comment on and offered it at a bad time. Because of his actions legions have risen up against Mr. Costas demanding he lose his job. These actions give me a bit of concern and should give you pause as well.

Our Bill of Rights is an amazing document that men toiled over for years. Each Amendment is there for a reason. Far too often people will put all their passion behind one amendment and disregard the others. This is just short of picking and choosing which are important or not. Mr. Costas chose to exercise his First Amendment Right during a poorly chosen time and place but can say whatever he pleases. You have a right not to like his words but the calling for his 'elimination' is treading near a slippery slope. Just because he has a right to say what he pleases; that doesn't mean you have to listen or give him any regard. He will have to answer for what he said to his bosses. If they choose to fire him that is their choice but why must everyone loose their livelihood just because they disagree with what you believe? I know many of you will find counter points to my words and I encourage it. Another point we must remember is that all of these are rights we reserve from Government Infringement; which is something that many either don't know or choose to forget.

The Second Amendment has many passionate people behind it; myself included. I whole heartily disagree with anyone who attempts to disregard or downplay the validity of the 2nd.  At the same time we must also bring to light the other Amendments within the Bill of Rights and ask if they disagree with any others as vehemently has they do the 2nd. I would venture most could not paraphrase more than four of the Amendments, but proceeding down the Bill of Rights is illuminating.

Have you ever wondered why so many are quick to dispose of the 2nd Amendment don't also encourage the erasing of the 3rd? By not standing against the 3rd they must believe that Soldiers would confiscate their homes at will if it were ever abolished. Incidentally the 2nd is exactly what would impede that action if quarter were forced.


  1. Bob Costas has first amendment rights, and so do we. We have every right to demand that his employers not give him a platform to attack our second amendment rights. He does not have a right to a job. The left routinely works hard to have people who defend the second amendment fired.

    Devin McClean was just fired for exercising his second amendment rights and stopping a robbery.

  2. RTB,

    I'll offer that losing his job is a way of society enforcing boundaries. Yes, he has a right to say what he wants. Yes, we also have a right to call for him to be fire. It is our way of saying "Dude, you are so far wrong it ain't even funny".

    No one is calling for him to be jailed, no one is calling for him to be forever silenced. People are just saying enough is enough -- a call for the making laws restricting my rights is not appropriate. It is especially inappropriate 36 hours after the incident.

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