Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Engraved Mosin Nagant

An interesting rifle walked in today. Actually the rifle was a common Mosin Nagant; it was the fact the rifle had been engraved that made it interesting. The owner didn't know much more than it was their Grandfather's who brought it back from Africa. He claimed the diamond inlay was Ivory, but I had no way to verify that. The rifle had an additional two position safety installed which appeared to be functional. Sorry in advance for the cell phone pics.


  1. I'm not a fan of the Mosin and have never even entertained the idea of owning one. This one I would love to own!

  2. And this is for sale where and for how much? Because that needs to be in my hands. Now.

  3. I just had one almost exactly like this come to me today. It is the round receiver and doesnt have the diamond or the engraving on the side of the magazine box. It also doesnt have the two position safety and the bolt handle is done differently but the engraving is very similar and quite beautiful!!

  4. thats my gun! i think... haha


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