Saturday, January 12, 2013

GLOCK 30S :: First Impressions

It has been whispered about for a while amongst Glock fans that discovered it's conceivable to put the slim slide from a 36 on the frame of a 30; the only problem would be functionality. The engineering has been done and this unicorn has finally shown itself as the Glock 30S (slim).

Glock has decided to utilize the 30SF (Short Frame) frame and top it off with the slender (for a Glock) 36 slide. This makes for quite the formidable 45 ACP package. Utilizing a standard ten round magazine the Glock 30S can also feed from the Glock 21 thirteen round magazines. The new profile is said to fit in a few holsters made for the compact Glocks (19/23/32). This 45 ACP has retained Glock's cold-hammer-forged; octagonal rifling which as proven to be very accurate.

It appears that Glock has outfitted the 30S with a Third Generation Frame and not a Fouth. Once in full production will they sport the Fourth that offers a more aggressive grip pattern, enlarged and reversible magazine release and interchangeable back straps? I haven't a clue but it would be a welcome addition.

While not yet listed on Glocks website here are the specifications for the New pistol:

Caliber: 45 AUTO
Barrel: 3.78 inches
Overall Length: 6.97 inches
Width: 1.28 inches
Weight: 20.28 ounces (empty) 30.16 (loaded)
Capacity: 10+1 (standard) 13+1 / 27+1 (optional)

The Glock 30S is inching its way near the top of my 'must buy' list for 2013!

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  1. It's not accurate to say that there is a function issue with a 36 upper on a 30SF frame. It has been done for a long time. This pistol is the direct result of an official GLOCK instructor who personally carries a 36/30SF hybrid, that has been pressuring GLOCK to release this model for a long time. Just search "36/30 hybrid". I have my own 36/30SF hybrid & don't see the need to buy a 30S.

    1. Maybe you don't need one but now I can have a "30/36 Hybrid" without buying two pistols.

  2. I recently purchased the 30s and I must say I enjoyed shooting it. I had the 30 and sold it when I purchased the 30s. The 30s fits like a 23 in my hand. I noticed that it was more accurate than the 30.

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