Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Remington Announces (Unofficially) the New 783 Budget Rifle

Here is a preview video of the 783 from Gallery of Guns

With SHOT Show right around the corner Remington has announced (unofficially) their new entry into the "Budget Rifle" category. The Remington 783:

Richard Mann of the American Rifleman received a sneak peek and has posted a few thoughts.
"Remington's newest bolt-action rifle is the Model 783. The "7" in the model designation comes from the 700 line of rifles, the "8" is kind of a throwback to the affordable but reliable model 788, which was discontinued 20 years ago, and the "3" is for the three in 2013. The suggested retail price is $451, but you can expect street prices to be closer to $400."
The 783 will release in three long action cartridges (.270 Win., 30-06 Sprg. and 7 mm Rem. Mag.) and one short action (.308 Win.) with more to follow. It sports an user adjustable trigger Remington has dubbed the CrossFire Trigger System and includes a detachable box magazine.

There are several rifles from different manufactures that fit into the "Budget Rifle" category with the Ruger American Rifle being the King of the Mountain (as far as I'm concerned). Will the New Remington 783 be able to unseat the American? I trust we will learn more from SHOT Show.

P.S. will be assembling a SHOT Show Collection Point once again this year :)


  1. Feel free to snag any of my SHOT show material again, good buddy. Wish I was meeting you there face to face.

    1. Thanks Ebbs! I can't wait to see what catches your eye.

  2. If this is a "Budget" Remington. How does it compare to the Remington 770 wich is cheaper?

    1. According to reports it will fit between the 770 and Remington 700 ADL as far as quality is concerned.

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