Friday, February 22, 2013

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Howdy folks,

You've probably noticed the intermittent (or non-existent) blog posting since the beginning of the year. The reason for this is that I've decided to try my hand at higher education (again). It has been eight years since the last time I was in school so I'm working through a few growing pains. The good thing is that I will have my face in front of a computer more often and will have an opportunity to post (procrastinate from school work) more often. It may not be as prodigious as I would like but noting ever is ;)

I would like to thank some folks that have encouraged me; either directly or indirectly, with the formation and continuation of this site. Give them a visit and support these other great sites/companies.

Jesse at Predator Intelligence
Andrew at Vuurwapen Blog
Eric at Gunmart Blog
Eric at Haus of Guns
The folks at GunUp

This summer should be fun. I'll be heading to some more firearms training and attend my second (maybe third) Appleseed Shoot. My suppressors should be in by June to August time frame :) so there will be some good vids there too.

Stay Tuned...

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