Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Does This Mean I'll Be Able To Find Ammo?

With the defeat of an Anti-Gun Bill in the U.S. Senate via a failed filibuster breaking vote 54-46 (needed 60 to bring it to debate and vote); we see the demise of the most recent hurdle being erected in front of law abiding citizens. Opinions of the bill vary from person to person but I believe that we can strengthen modern checks as opposed to introducing more and more redundant checks. I could write on and on about my views of the topic but that's not why you're here. I've already read post proclaiming this is the end of the Gun/Ammo Run of 2013...

Does this mean I'll be able to find ammo?

In a word: no.

How about guns and magazines?

You should be good in that department. We've already seen rifles gathering dust on shelves locally.

Ammo is another story...
It's not that manufactures aren't making rounds at breakneck speed in prodigious amounts; because they are. It's because of the guy in front of you that buys 2,000 rounds of .22LR and 500 rounds of 45ACP and smiles as he swipes his credit card and says, "I don't even own a 45," and gives you that stupid smirk.

You've seen this guy. He doesn't shoot through a brick of 525 .22LR in a year, but he buys thousands of rounds every time he finds some because you know; it's hard to find. He buys hundreds of rounds of 9mm at a time because his buddy said that they aren't making it anymore, so 'these' boxes must be the last ones and therefore must buy them all! Even though he doesn't own a single firearm chambered for 9mm.

Next time you see this guy and he's saying he can't find ammo anywhere (as he's buying hundreds of rounds) tell him he's why. If, by chance, you are that guy; STOP IT!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Remington Venture X Teaser

We were teased today with a video from Remington's YouTube page featuring a 'confidential' product dubbed 'Venture X'; with a promised release at the 2013 NRA Annual Meeting May 3rd in Houston, TX.

If you visit the advertised web address at the end of the teaser you are directed to If you followed SHOT Show earlier this year there's no doubt you saw the Tracking Point Xact System. It is an amazing optic that allows a shooter to hit targets at exceeding long distances without much effort on the trigger pullers part. Visit our SHOT Show page for this product for more info.

It would appear that Big Green has decided to invest in the Tracking Point Xact technology and bring it to market. What's clear from the video is that the optic is the main part of the system along with applications for mobile devices to run the system. What's unclear is if Remington has created a rifle platform specifically for use with the Xact System. E-mail Updates

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