Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Truth About Posers :: Paul Markel

Paul Markel lays out some basic truths that we must keep in mind when seeking advice; whether in person or on the internet. As Mr. Markel states, "If the twisted panties fit, wear them." Here's just a short piece of the article that I suggest you go read:
Eighteen year old Army privates and Marines (as well as other service members) are taught basic traumatic wound care. This training has attributed to saving innumerable lives that would likely have been lost ten years ago. We aren't teaching these young people to be doctors or even Paramedics; we give them the basic, but invaluable skills needed to stop-gap a life-threatening injury until the professionals have time to show up and begin treatment.
When it is suggested that citizens be given similar life-saving training, the Forum Warriors and Blog Commandos get their panties all in a twist and start spouting cautionary tales about 'liability' and 'leaving it to the professionals'. These same thimble-weenie keyboard commandos who espouse the mighty 1911 chambered in .45 ACP as the greatest man-stopper on planet Earth, recoil in horror at the idea of an armed citizen stopping a major hemorrhage with a ready-made tourniquet. The self-acclaimed experts see no liability concerns with their regurgitated advice to put "two in the chest and one in the face" but will tell you that performing life-saving, stop-gap medical care on a trauma victim will 'get you sued'. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Springfield XDs vs Smith & Wesson Shield :: Photo Comparison

Top: Springfield XDs // Bottom: Smith & Wesson Shield

I've had a few emails requesting pictures of these two guns side by side. Ask and you shall receive:

Top: Springfield XDs // Bottom: Smith & Wesson Shield

Top: Springfield XDs // Bottom: Smith & Wesson Shield

Top: Springfield XDs // Bottom: Smith & Wesson Shield
Left: Smith & Wesson Shield // Right: Springfield XDs

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Haters Gonna Hate

As Caleb Giddings once told me, "Disregard haters, acquire currency."

That is all.

Griffin Armament NEW for 2013 Sound Suppressors

Griffin Armament has been busy! I was spending some time today debating on whether or not I should make my next NFA purchase one of their M4SDII suppressors when I noticed their new products! Here is a quick look at their very cool; caveman simple precision Taper Mount system along with their new cans.

SPR - Over the Barrel

Checkmate - 6th Generation Rimfire

Precision Hunter - 5.56

Recce 7 - 7.62

Recce 5 - 5.56

Precision Hunter - 300 Win Mag

Be sure to check out their full line of compensators, brakes and flash hiders.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dot Torture - Revealing Areas for Improvment

SIG Mosquito :: Almost a clean shoot... More practice needed.
If you have 50 rounds you can shoot a Dot Torture drill too completion. This exercise is provided by which is a great resource for several other drills. I should probably make it more of a routine to shoot this particular drill because it reveals areas of improvement in the basics of pistol shooting.

By Dot 5 my hand was hurting. Pretty sloppy but I'm sure I can clean it up.
I had never shot this drill with the three pistols I used yesterday; which is even more of a learning experience. I shot a Ruger LCP, S&W 642 and a SIG Mosquito. Both of the smaller guns were a challenge where I felt much more confident with the full size-ish Mosquito. Too score just count up all your good hits which equate to one point. I'm pretty sure I miss counted two of my targets, so my score should probably be lower on the LCP and 642.
I absolutely love this little gun! If I run this a few more times I'm confident I could shoot it clean.
The drill suggests that you start at a distance of 3 yards. Once you can clean the drill at that distance either extend the distance or add a time factor. The order of fire is below:
  • Dot 1 – Draw and fire one string of 5 rounds for best group. One hole if possible, total 5 rounds.
  • Dot 2 – Draw and fire 1 shot, holster and repeat X4, total 5 rounds.
  • Dots 3 & 4 – Draw and fire 1 shot on #3, then 1 shot on #4, holster and repeat X3, total 8 rounds.
  • Dot 5 – Draw and fire string of 5 rounds, strong hand only, total 5 rounds.
  • Dots 6 & 7 – Draw and fire 2 shots on #6, then 2 on #7, holster, repeat X4, total 16 rounds.
  • Dot 8 – From ready or retention, fire five shots, weak hand only, total 5 rounds.
  • Dots 9 & 10 – Draw and fire 1 shot on #9, speed reload, fire 1 shot on #10, holster and repeat X3, total 6 rounds.
For your own copy of the Dot Torture drill CLICK HERE!

Right now as an incentive to get off your butt and shoot Gun Nuts Media is running a little contest since their boss Caleb is on vacation:
Since Caleb’s on vacation and can’t protest, I’ll add a little motivation to the pot: If you give Dot Torture a run and send in a picture of your scored target to our Gun Nuts Facebook page within the next 7 days, I’ll throw your name into a hat and I’ll buy the winner of the random drawing a year’s subscription to GunUp magazine!
That’ll teach Caleb not to take any more vacations…
Good luck, have fun and keep shooting!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Picture Seen Around The [Gun] World :: Colt 901 AK

Colt posted this picture to their Facebook Page yesterday which swept through the blogosphere like a wild fire. In the picture we see Texas Governor Rick Perry firing what appears to be a Colt CM/LE901 platform with a US Palm AK pattern magazine protruding from the magazine well. 

Soldiers Systems makes the excellent point that this is pretty amazing to have an AK pattern magazine in a mag well.
"I don’t care if Colt banged your sister and left town when she came up pregnant, this is an interesting development. Sometimes you have to spell things out for people, otherwise they’ll wax all poetic about stuff they don’t understand. Magwells and AK magazines do not play well together. That is one of many reasons why this is remarkable."
A few manufactures have made AK magazine compatible AR platform guns. Rock River Arms with their LAR-47 and MGI with their Hydra Rifle. Both accept standard AK magazines but lack the mag well that is apparent in the Colt photo.

Many are wondering when we will see this product hit the market... I don't think you should hold your breath. Gear Scout mentions this may be the rifle that the State Department requested, according to rumors. Soldier Systems suggests that this may be a request by a 'foreign contract'; either way we have no idea how reliable the system is or what stage of prototype/development the firearm is in.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Magpul PMAG 40 M3 Announced

It appears that Magpul is taking baby steps towards the precedent set by the Surefire 60/100 round magazines. The Magpul PMAG 40 M3 will no doubt sell like 'hot-cakes'; especially with an MSRP of $19.95. Magpul has been toying with a 'quad-stack' magazine similar to the Surefire design for a while but time will tell if or when it comes to market.

I own a Surefire 60 and keep it in my HD gun. The only issues I have with it are it's heavy and pouch compatibility isn't great, but there's no such thing as a free lunch... I have 60 rounds on board with no reload required. The advantages I can see with the PMAG 40 is that it will be cheaper, lighter, and work in standard AR pouches. I can't wait to play with one!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

HK MR762A1 Quick Disassembly and Comparison

A close friend has recently acquired a pair of HK rifles to add to his already healthy HK collection. He is the proud owner of a MR556 and MR762. Below I have a few pictures of a quick disassembly of the MR762. Why pictures of disassembly? Because I always love to see how a firearm works before I fire it; I think it gives a bit more understanding of the system. I've also included some comparison pictures between an AR-15 and parts of the MR762. There will be more to come...

HK Tool pictured center
This is by no means a step-by-step or a 'how-to' guide on the MR762 but points that I find interesting. First, you must remove the butt pad from the stock which will expose battery compartments and your disassembly tool.

The tool is used for sliding the captured receiver pins. Each has a detent device and must be depressed with the end of the HK tool. 

The tool can then be used to disengage the retaining pin that captures the firing pin and spring inside the bolt and carrier.

A great feature is that the retaining pin is captured, so no worry of loosing it. Once disengaged the firing pin and spring can be removed. Resembling the AR platform the bolt carrier is disassembled in almost the same manner with the removal of the cam pin then the bolt itself.

Now we can remove the hand guard from the upper receiver. To achieve this you'll need an allen key to loosen two screws on the right side of the rail system. 

 Once loosened and pulled the pins remain captured. At this point you can pull the hard guard forward over the gas block, barrel and flash hider to be set aside.

 Here you can see the gas operated 'pusher rod'. Removal of the piston system is easy as compressing the operation spring and removing the individual parts.

 Like I said before this is by no means a complete guide; just a quick look at a very interesting system. I will be posting more photos on the Facebook Page.

 Here are a few comparison pics between the HK MR762 parts and a standard AR-15.
TOP: HK 762A1 Bolt Carrier // BOTTOM: AR-15 Bolt Carrier
LEFT: AR-15 Firing Pin // RIGHT: HK MR762A1 Firing Pin
LEFT: AR-15 Firing Pin // RIGHT: HK MR762A1 Firing Pin

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bushmaster ACR and EOTech EXPS2 take a spill...

Imagine doing something as simple as dropping into a prone firing position while bounding with another firing team or dismounting out of an MRAP and getting tangled in the five point harness which caused you to fall six feet on to your rifle. I've done both of these things resulting in zero damage to my rifle and EOTech while overseas, but that was not the case for a particular ACR and EOTech setup here Stateside. 

This particular rifle and optic combo was simply dropped; due to carelessness, from a height of about five feet onto a covered concrete floor. The stock has broken clean off and the EOTech's window has cracked. As a testament to the EOTech's wherewithal you can still acquire the reticle; whether zero has been compromised, I couldn't tell you.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Walther PPX vs. Hi-Point JCP :: Photo Comparison

Top: Walther PPX // Bottom: Hi-Point JCP
I took some flak via email from some folks due to a remark I made in passing about how the Walther PPX resembles a Hi-Point. I just thought I'd let you all know that I'm not the first person to draw the same comparison. Do not make the mistake of construing my comments on appearance to also judge the quality of the pistol. I do not have any experience firing the PPX, but I'm willing to bet it will perform better than a compatible Hi-Point. At least I expect it too. This post is to illustrate how some have drawn the comparison in appearance.
Left: Walther PPX // Right: Hi-Point JCP
Left: Hi-Point JCP // Right: Walther PPX
Left: Hi-Point JCP // Right: Walther PPX
Left: Hi-Point JCP // Right: Walther PPX
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Springfield Armory XDs 9mm Hits the Shelves!

Unveiled at SHOT Show 2013 the Springfield Armory XDs 9mm is being touted by many as a S&W Shield killer. It's definitely an interesting little 9mm and on my short list.

Sharing the same dimensions of the XDs 45ACP; the 9mm is just one ounce heavier due to the extra thickness of the barrel. Another welcome addition is the extra capacity of seven rounds in the magazine compared to five in the 45.

Here's a video that Rob Pincus put together when he picked up his new XDs 9mm. That firearms associate helping him sure is knowledgeable ;)

Walther PPX Hits the Shelves!

I have mixed feelings on this particular pistol. While I enjoy the fit and finish of the Walther PPQ; I can't say the same for the PPX.
The 'finger nail clippings' grip texture

Unveiled at SHOT Show 2013; the PPX was touted as a double-action only hammer fired pistol. I can definitively tell you that it is not a true DOA. When the pistol is fired the slide will 'pre-cock' the hammer so that you can press the trigger and drop the hammer, but you cannot just keep pulling the trigger and expect the hammer to keep striking without the slide pre-cocking the hammer. 

The PPX has no manual safety or decocker but offers two drop safeties and a firing pin block. The trigger was surprisingly reactive and enjoyable.

The grip of the pistol may be comfortable to some but felt horrible to me. I couldn't stand the 'elbow' sticking into my palm. The overall look of the pistol wreaks of a Hi-Point with its sky-high height over bore.

Maybe I'm being too hard on the PPX, but then again, first impressions are important.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Boberg Arms XR9-S and XR9-L :: Quick Look

I've heard of Boberg Arms due to the fact they're in my region but never had an opportunity to handle one of their pistols. I'd seen pictures online and in magazines with reviews both positive and not so positive. I still don't have enough knowledge or experience with these pistols to share anything intelligent with you folks but I thought I'd post some pictures (not great quality due to the impromptu nature and bad lighting) I took recently while talking with a representative from Boberg Arms.

The first thing that surprised me was how long of a barrel they were able to pack into these compact pistols. Often rivaling the length of full size pistols you'll also benefit from the increased velocity. I was interested to see they use a rotating barrel design with dual extractors. An unique feature of these pistols is that the round is actually striped from the rear of the magazine; the exact opposite of how most pistols strip ammunition from their feeding devices.

Interesting little pistols with fantastic double action triggers. I had the opportunity to fire one but was not able due to time constraints. I can't wait to have another run in with these pistols.

Facebook: Boberg Arms

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