Monday, June 10, 2013

Boberg Arms XR9-S and XR9-L :: Quick Look

I've heard of Boberg Arms due to the fact they're in my region but never had an opportunity to handle one of their pistols. I'd seen pictures online and in magazines with reviews both positive and not so positive. I still don't have enough knowledge or experience with these pistols to share anything intelligent with you folks but I thought I'd post some pictures (not great quality due to the impromptu nature and bad lighting) I took recently while talking with a representative from Boberg Arms.

The first thing that surprised me was how long of a barrel they were able to pack into these compact pistols. Often rivaling the length of full size pistols you'll also benefit from the increased velocity. I was interested to see they use a rotating barrel design with dual extractors. An unique feature of these pistols is that the round is actually striped from the rear of the magazine; the exact opposite of how most pistols strip ammunition from their feeding devices.

Interesting little pistols with fantastic double action triggers. I had the opportunity to fire one but was not able due to time constraints. I can't wait to have another run in with these pistols.

Facebook: Boberg Arms

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