Monday, June 17, 2013

HK MR762A1 Quick Disassembly and Comparison

A close friend has recently acquired a pair of HK rifles to add to his already healthy HK collection. He is the proud owner of a MR556 and MR762. Below I have a few pictures of a quick disassembly of the MR762. Why pictures of disassembly? Because I always love to see how a firearm works before I fire it; I think it gives a bit more understanding of the system. I've also included some comparison pictures between an AR-15 and parts of the MR762. There will be more to come...

HK Tool pictured center
This is by no means a step-by-step or a 'how-to' guide on the MR762 but points that I find interesting. First, you must remove the butt pad from the stock which will expose battery compartments and your disassembly tool.

The tool is used for sliding the captured receiver pins. Each has a detent device and must be depressed with the end of the HK tool. 

The tool can then be used to disengage the retaining pin that captures the firing pin and spring inside the bolt and carrier.

A great feature is that the retaining pin is captured, so no worry of loosing it. Once disengaged the firing pin and spring can be removed. Resembling the AR platform the bolt carrier is disassembled in almost the same manner with the removal of the cam pin then the bolt itself.

Now we can remove the hand guard from the upper receiver. To achieve this you'll need an allen key to loosen two screws on the right side of the rail system. 

 Once loosened and pulled the pins remain captured. At this point you can pull the hard guard forward over the gas block, barrel and flash hider to be set aside.

 Here you can see the gas operated 'pusher rod'. Removal of the piston system is easy as compressing the operation spring and removing the individual parts.

 Like I said before this is by no means a complete guide; just a quick look at a very interesting system. I will be posting more photos on the Facebook Page.

 Here are a few comparison pics between the HK MR762 parts and a standard AR-15.
TOP: HK 762A1 Bolt Carrier // BOTTOM: AR-15 Bolt Carrier
LEFT: AR-15 Firing Pin // RIGHT: HK MR762A1 Firing Pin
LEFT: AR-15 Firing Pin // RIGHT: HK MR762A1 Firing Pin

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