Saturday, June 8, 2013

Smith & Wesson M&P 10 Hits the Shelves!

AR-10 pattern rifles are nothing new to the market place. Several manufactures produce them with little variation in between. The new Smith & Wesson M&P 10 is attempting to be a stand out in this field. You can see some of the videos of its debut at SHOT Show 2013 HERE.

The model pictured is S&W's SKU 811311 which is fitted with an 18" barrel and mid-length gas system. The barrel is a lighter weight contour that brings the rifle to an overall weight of 7.71 lbs. MSRP $1619

What makes the M&P 10 a stand out is the presence of fully ambidextrous controls. From the safety, magazine release and even the bolt stop/release. I only lament the absence of an ambi charging handle. Of course you can add a Raptor from Rainier Arms or a TacOps-1 from MechArmor Defense (my personal favorite).  

One interesting thing I found that I have not noticed on an AR before was the presence of, what I'll call, 'buffers'. I noticed two locations: a white set near the front of the magazine well on the lower receiver and a black set on either side of the rear lug. I couldn't tell you what their intended purpose is but I can see them justifying a supposed 'tighter' fit between the two receivers.  

My overall impression of this rifle is one that would be suited well for whitetail harvesting. It's a relatively light weight auto that I'm sure would be at home on the range and in the field. 

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