Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Picture Seen Around The [Gun] World :: Colt 901 AK

Colt posted this picture to their Facebook Page yesterday which swept through the blogosphere like a wild fire. In the picture we see Texas Governor Rick Perry firing what appears to be a Colt CM/LE901 platform with a US Palm AK pattern magazine protruding from the magazine well. 

Soldiers Systems makes the excellent point that this is pretty amazing to have an AK pattern magazine in a mag well.
"I don’t care if Colt banged your sister and left town when she came up pregnant, this is an interesting development. Sometimes you have to spell things out for people, otherwise they’ll wax all poetic about stuff they don’t understand. Magwells and AK magazines do not play well together. That is one of many reasons why this is remarkable."
A few manufactures have made AK magazine compatible AR platform guns. Rock River Arms with their LAR-47 and MGI with their Hydra Rifle. Both accept standard AK magazines but lack the mag well that is apparent in the Colt photo.

Many are wondering when we will see this product hit the market... I don't think you should hold your breath. Gear Scout mentions this may be the rifle that the State Department requested, according to rumors. Soldier Systems suggests that this may be a request by a 'foreign contract'; either way we have no idea how reliable the system is or what stage of prototype/development the firearm is in.

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