Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Truth About Posers :: Paul Markel

Paul Markel lays out some basic truths that we must keep in mind when seeking advice; whether in person or on the internet. As Mr. Markel states, "If the twisted panties fit, wear them." Here's just a short piece of the article that I suggest you go read:
Eighteen year old Army privates and Marines (as well as other service members) are taught basic traumatic wound care. This training has attributed to saving innumerable lives that would likely have been lost ten years ago. We aren't teaching these young people to be doctors or even Paramedics; we give them the basic, but invaluable skills needed to stop-gap a life-threatening injury until the professionals have time to show up and begin treatment.
When it is suggested that citizens be given similar life-saving training, the Forum Warriors and Blog Commandos get their panties all in a twist and start spouting cautionary tales about 'liability' and 'leaving it to the professionals'. These same thimble-weenie keyboard commandos who espouse the mighty 1911 chambered in .45 ACP as the greatest man-stopper on planet Earth, recoil in horror at the idea of an armed citizen stopping a major hemorrhage with a ready-made tourniquet. The self-acclaimed experts see no liability concerns with their regurgitated advice to put "two in the chest and one in the face" but will tell you that performing life-saving, stop-gap medical care on a trauma victim will 'get you sued'. 

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