Friday, June 14, 2013

Walther PPX Hits the Shelves!

I have mixed feelings on this particular pistol. While I enjoy the fit and finish of the Walther PPQ; I can't say the same for the PPX.
The 'finger nail clippings' grip texture

Unveiled at SHOT Show 2013; the PPX was touted as a double-action only hammer fired pistol. I can definitively tell you that it is not a true DOA. When the pistol is fired the slide will 'pre-cock' the hammer so that you can press the trigger and drop the hammer, but you cannot just keep pulling the trigger and expect the hammer to keep striking without the slide pre-cocking the hammer. 

The PPX has no manual safety or decocker but offers two drop safeties and a firing pin block. The trigger was surprisingly reactive and enjoyable.

The grip of the pistol may be comfortable to some but felt horrible to me. I couldn't stand the 'elbow' sticking into my palm. The overall look of the pistol wreaks of a Hi-Point with its sky-high height over bore.

Maybe I'm being too hard on the PPX, but then again, first impressions are important.

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