Friday, August 30, 2013

My Favorite South Paw Friendly Bolt Guns

Recently I opined on 10 Bolt Actions I Would Buy... If They Were Offered in Left Hand and was asked what are my favorite Left Handed bolt rifles currently in production. So, without further delay here is my list in no particular order:

1. Ruger M77
The first deer I ever harvested was with a M77 chambered in 270 Winchester. The M77 is generally heavier than its direct competition but is not too much of a concern if you're only hiking out to a tree stand. Ruger chambers the M77 in twelve different calibers available in left hand and all sport the beautiful Mauser action.

2. Savage Axis
If you're in need of an entry level rifle that will spark that interest in shooting the Axis is not a bad starting point. With one of the lowest price points the Axis doesn't offer the Accu-Trigger that Savage is known for but offers a detachable magazine and top tang safety. The Axis is offered in eight different calibers in left hand.

3. Savage 10FLCP-K
Unlike the Axis the 10FLCP-K comes with some of Savage's more premium features. Fitted with the Accu-Stock and Accu-Trigger this rifle is capable of some very good accuracy with it's 24" heavy, fluted barrel. The Model 10FLCP-K comes chambered in 223 Remington and 308 Winchester.

4. Remington 700 CDL
The 700 is a staple of American hunting and will continue to be for years to come. The CDL model comes with a satin finished walnut stock and is extremely handsome. The only downside may be in only comes chambered in four calibers. Remington also offers a Synthetic stocked model, a heavy barreled Varmint model and a Compact/Youth model.

5. Tikka T3 Lite
The T3 is a fantastic rifle and I cannot speak highly enough about it. These rifles utilize Sako barrels which are renowned for their MOA accuracy. I have a T3 Lite in 243 Winchester which I absolutely adore. You can have these light weight rifles in either blue or stainless finish in twenty-one different calibers. If you need accuracy at an extended range they also offer a Varmint model.

6. CZ 452 American
I own this particular rifle and I'm still very impressed by it.

7. CZ 527 American
The 527 is the only rifle in this list I have not personally fired. I must admit that the only reason I want one is because of how impressed I am of the 452.

8. Browning T-Bolt
I currently have a T-Bolt in 22 Magnum on order and eagerly awaiting its arrival. You can have the T-Bolt in wood or synthetic with either a sporter or heavy profile barrel. Many folks don't like the T-Bolts due too its straight pull actions but that's the exact reason why so many buy them. They come chambered in 22LR, 22MAG and 17HMR.

9. Browning X-Bolt
The X-Bolt is light weight, smooth and fast. Outfitted with a top tang safety this rifle is one of my favorite Browning products. My only criticism is that it's not offered with a synthetic stock in left hand but can be found in a Compact/Youth stock. The X-Bolt can be found in sixteen different calibers.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ruger Announces American RIMFIRE Rifle

Ruger has announced a rimfire version of their popular American Rifle. Chambered in both 22LR and 22MAG the rifle will release in two configurations: Standard and Compact. Both versions come with an interchangeable comb piece which allows for use of the supplied iron sights or a magnified optic. Each receiver is grooved 3/8" inch and tapped for Weaver style mounts. It appears that each caliber will be fed via current 10/22 magazines. It appears that the Rimfire American retains the centerfire's tang safety and adjustable Marksman trigger.

  • Each Ruger American Rimfire™ rifle includes two interchangeable stock modules that provide comb height options for scope or iron sight use. Standard models come with long length of pull modules, while compact models come with short length of pull modules. By simply removing the rear sling swivel stud, stock modules can be changed in seconds. All four stock modules are completely interchangeable across all models and are available at
  • Models chambered in .22 LR feature the detachable, flush-mounted 10/22® BX-1 10-round rotary magazine. Accepts all 10/22® magazines, including the BX-25® and BX-25®x2.
  • Models chambered in .22 Magnum use the detachable, flush-mounted JMX-1 9-round rotary magazine.
  • Easy-to-use 10/22®-style extended magazine release provides smooth, no-fuss magazine removal.
  • Patent-pending Power Bedding® integral bedding block system positively locates the receiver and free-floats the barrel for outstanding accuracy.
  • Ruger Marksman Adjustable™ trigger offers a crisp release with a pull weight that is user adjustable between 3 and 5 pounds.
  • Ergonomic, lightweight black composite stock (designed for quick, easy handling) blends a classic look with modern forend contouring and grip serrations.
  • Features a visible, accessible and easy-to-actuate tang safety.
  • Satin blued, target-crowned, hammer-forged barrel results in ultra-precise rifling that provides exceptional accuracy, longevity and easy cleaning.
  • A 3/8" rimfire scope base is machined into the receiver, which is also drilled and tapped for Weaver® #12 bases (not included).
  • A 60˚ bolt provides ample scope clearance, while an easy-to-use, receiver-mounted bolt release allows the bolt to be readily removed without requiring a pull of the trigger, a unique safety feature among rimfire, bolt-action rifles.
  • Also Includes: Williams™ fiber optic front sight and 10/22®-style adjustable, "V" slot, folding-leaf rear sight; sling swivel studs.

We will have pictures and impressions for you once I can get one in my hands.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Springfield Armory XD-S SAFETY RECALL

This recall effects only the XD-S line and does not effect XD or XDM series of pistols.

The following is the recall released by Springfield Armory. If you have any questions please visit Springfield Armory's Website.


Springfield Armory is initiating this voluntary safety recall to upgrade 3.3 XD-S 9mm and 3.3 XD-S .45ACP pistols with new components, which eliminate the possibility of a potentially dangerous condition. We want to emphasize that no injuries have been reported to date.
Springfield has determined that under exceptionally rare circumstances, some 3.3 XD-S™ 9mm and .45ACP caliber pistols could experience an unintended discharge during the loading process when the slide is released, or could experience a double-fire when the trigger is pulled once.
The chance of these conditions existing is exceptionally rare, but if they happen, serious injury or death could occur.
What should you do?
To begin the upgrade process and for fastest response, click on the Get Started link at the top of the page. On that page enter your serial number and click Next. If your pistol is subject to this recall, you will need to provide your name, address, phone number, and email address.
The serial number is located on the frame beneath the dust cover (accessory rail). If you prefer, you may initiate the upgrade process by calling 800-680-6866. If you no longer own the 3.3 XD-S 9mm or .45ACP pistol, please advise Springfield of the current owner.

What pistols are involved?
This Safety Recall applies only to:
  • Springfield 3.3 XD-S™ 9mm pistols – serial numbers between XS900000 and XS938700
  • Springfield 3.3 XD-S™ .45ACP pistols – serial numbers between XS500000 and XS686300.
This Safety Recall does not apply to any XD or XD(M) pistols.
What will Springfield do?
Springfield will send you a return authorization and mailing label, allowing you to return your 3.3 XD-S™ 9mm or .45ACP pistol to Springfield at no cost to you. Springfield will upgrade your 3.3 XD-S™ 9mm or .45ACP pistol with the new components, and return it to you. Springfield will provide tracking numbers so you can monitor the receipt and return of your upgrades.
Visit for further information about this safety recall. You can reach the Springfield Armory Call Center at 800-680-6866. Springfield apologizes for this inconvenience, but your safety is our paramount concern.
We greatly appreciate your loyalty to Springfield products.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Savage B.Mag Hits the Shelves!

The first example of this rifle I've been able to put my hands on and I was shocked at how difficult the action cycled. I'm use to the ease at which many of Savage's actions operate but the B.Mag was very stiff and anything but smooth; with a 'cheap' feel overall. Let's hope it shoots like a banshee. Here's a look at the 17 WSM round next to others.

Here's a look at the Savage B.Mag and 17 Win Super Mag from SHOT Show!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 Bolt Actions I Would Buy... If They Were Offered in Left Hand

The other day my wife was giving me grief on the number of long guns in our safe. I was quick to inform her that she should be grateful I don't shoot right handed, because they get all the good rifles. Today I was thinking about a few bolt guns that I could buy if they were offered in a Left Handed configuration, so without further delay here's my quick list: ** My Favorite South Paw Friendly Bolt Guns **

1. Ruger American
The American has impressed me immensely over the past year. I shot a buddy's chambered in 270 Win. that he used to harvest a few deer last season and plenty of Tannerite since then. I think the American is a great budget rifle.

2. Ruger 77/44
There is nothing cooler in my book than a pistol caliber carbine. I have a couple Marlin 1894's and can't shoot them enough. A light weight, light recoiling and accurate carbine is a must have in any collection and it can't be beat when walking through the woods. I might as well through the 77/357 in the mix as well.

3. Savage 11/111 Hog Hunter
The Hog Hunter has a lot going for it: large bolt handle, internal box magazine, Accu-Trigger, good iron sights and a threaded barrel ;) The only thing lacking is a decent stock but there are several aftermarket options. The Hog Hunter just screams 'ranch rifle' and I can envision it behind the seat of my pickup... you know; once I get a pickup and a ranch.

4. Savage 25 Walking Varminter
This sweet little short action is outfitted with a heavy barrel and their Accu-Trigger. I've wanted one of these since the first time I held one. I often use an AR for coyote hunting but I've been itching to get a bolt action as well.

5. Sako 85 Finnlight
I have not had the opportunity to fire a Finnlight but have shot other right handed Sako models and believe they make World Class Rifles. Utilizing a very slick push-feed action and coming in at 6.8 lbs. it would make a great light-weight elk/moose gun.

6. Winchester Model 70 Featherweight
Taking full advantage of Mauser's Controlled Feed Action the Model 70 has been called 'The Rifleman's Rifle'. There is no doubt it is a tried and true design and one I want in left hand. I know they have made south paw runs in the past and most recently in the goofy WSM calibers; but I'd love to see the 70 offered in standard short and long action calibers regularly in left hand.

7. Browning X-Bolt Hog Hunter
For pretty much the same reason as number three on this list. Can you say suppressor host?

8. Mossberg MVP
Who wouldn't want a bolt action rifle that accepts AR magazines? (it's a rhetorical question)

9. Weatherby Vanguard Series 2
These are solid performing rifles at a fair price that need to be offered in left hand as soon as possible. There are dozens of great turn-bolt rifles on the market but something just feels right when I shoulder the Vanguard. Topped with a Leupold VX-2 (my go-to optic) I would be a very happy hunter.

10. Lee-Enfield No. 5 MK. 1 "Jungle Carbine"
I know I'm cheating here by braking ranks from current production rifles but dammit I want one!

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Friday, August 16, 2013


GLOCK has been making pistols in the US for a while but this just happens to be the first one I've had a chance to handle and I thought I'd share some pictures.

I've been asked if the USA GLOCKs (pronounced: OOO-SUH) are any less or more quality than the Austrian built pistols... to be honest with you it appears to be a GLOCK and that's all that needs to be said.

A USA GLOCK can be identified not only by the 'USA' mark on the slide but also by the serial number. Current production Austrian pistols are serialized with three letters followed by three numbers; ABC123. The USA made pistols appear to be serialized with four letters followed by three numbers; ABCD123. 

Have fun!

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