Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 Bolt Actions I Would Buy... If They Were Offered in Left Hand

The other day my wife was giving me grief on the number of long guns in our safe. I was quick to inform her that she should be grateful I don't shoot right handed, because they get all the good rifles. Today I was thinking about a few bolt guns that I could buy if they were offered in a Left Handed configuration, so without further delay here's my quick list: ** My Favorite South Paw Friendly Bolt Guns **

1. Ruger American
The American has impressed me immensely over the past year. I shot a buddy's chambered in 270 Win. that he used to harvest a few deer last season and plenty of Tannerite since then. I think the American is a great budget rifle.

2. Ruger 77/44
There is nothing cooler in my book than a pistol caliber carbine. I have a couple Marlin 1894's and can't shoot them enough. A light weight, light recoiling and accurate carbine is a must have in any collection and it can't be beat when walking through the woods. I might as well through the 77/357 in the mix as well.

3. Savage 11/111 Hog Hunter
The Hog Hunter has a lot going for it: large bolt handle, internal box magazine, Accu-Trigger, good iron sights and a threaded barrel ;) The only thing lacking is a decent stock but there are several aftermarket options. The Hog Hunter just screams 'ranch rifle' and I can envision it behind the seat of my pickup... you know; once I get a pickup and a ranch.

4. Savage 25 Walking Varminter
This sweet little short action is outfitted with a heavy barrel and their Accu-Trigger. I've wanted one of these since the first time I held one. I often use an AR for coyote hunting but I've been itching to get a bolt action as well.

5. Sako 85 Finnlight
I have not had the opportunity to fire a Finnlight but have shot other right handed Sako models and believe they make World Class Rifles. Utilizing a very slick push-feed action and coming in at 6.8 lbs. it would make a great light-weight elk/moose gun.

6. Winchester Model 70 Featherweight
Taking full advantage of Mauser's Controlled Feed Action the Model 70 has been called 'The Rifleman's Rifle'. There is no doubt it is a tried and true design and one I want in left hand. I know they have made south paw runs in the past and most recently in the goofy WSM calibers; but I'd love to see the 70 offered in standard short and long action calibers regularly in left hand.

7. Browning X-Bolt Hog Hunter
For pretty much the same reason as number three on this list. Can you say suppressor host?

8. Mossberg MVP
Who wouldn't want a bolt action rifle that accepts AR magazines? (it's a rhetorical question)

9. Weatherby Vanguard Series 2
These are solid performing rifles at a fair price that need to be offered in left hand as soon as possible. There are dozens of great turn-bolt rifles on the market but something just feels right when I shoulder the Vanguard. Topped with a Leupold VX-2 (my go-to optic) I would be a very happy hunter.

10. Lee-Enfield No. 5 MK. 1 "Jungle Carbine"
I know I'm cheating here by braking ranks from current production rifles but dammit I want one!

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  1. You forgot the Desert Tactical Arms SRS. I asked them pretty please to start offering it in a south paw configuration, they said no.

    Maybe you'll have better luck. If nothing else, tell them you want a lefty so they will be more inclined to offer it.

  2. So what are your favorite left handed bolt guns? As a fellow south paw, I'd like to hear your list!

    1. Ask and you shall recieve... I will have it up in a few days :)


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